It’s WordPress Draft Day. Who Are You Picking?

The NFL Draft commenced yesterday where teams select the best college prospects for their 2019 rosters. There is always an excited buzz surrounding the event as scouts compete for the services of some of the hottest talents on the planet. And believe me, as a long suffering Washington Redskins fan, we are sorely in need of some talent. Somebody who could throw or catch the ball would be a start.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the Premiership season is drawing to a close and soon the best teams will be entering a frenetic summer of transfer activity. My football team, Manchester United, have had a horrific season, and it is predicted they will spend hundreds of millions in order to rebuild the team. Again, defenders who can tackle and possess basic hand to eye coordination would be a bonus.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Imagine if there was a WordPress draft or transfer window where we could jump ship to another blog. Which bloggers do you admire the most, whose posts do you wish you penned? Even if it was only for a day or two? Post your comments below and let’s shine a spotlight on some of the talented bloggers who ply their trade in this little corner of the online world.

Which blog would you most like to be drafted to?

29 thoughts on “It’s WordPress Draft Day. Who Are You Picking?

Add yours

  1. My favorite bloggers hands down:
    – Matthew Winters
    – Beauty Beyond Bones
    And Your blog of course.
    The reason – you’re all very human, very real and relatable people blogging about your lives and things that matter… Such a great contrast to the social media age we live in which hides the flaws and boasts of an unattainable life that makes everyone else feel inferior!

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  2. Well… there’s this Stephen dude I follow. He’s a pretty okay writer.
    Besides that, I think everyone ought to read all the blogs I follow. They especially ought to read all the generous people who comment on my posts.

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  3. Being only a few months into this racket, I’m relatively new to blogging and wish I could honestly read more of everyone I follow. Several I adore for a myriad of reasons: from being gifted writers to simply being expressive and for sharing knowledge, life experiences, etc. … Rose is witty as heck … … Emma encapsulates in a half dozen words that I cannot in 100 times the number … … Lifestyle, as reverent as it gets
    And another one, of course, from The Other Side of The Pond I’ve recently discovered but having a memory lapse … FFB 😉


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