Flash Fiction Challenge Is Back

After an extended hiatus, ‘Flash Fiction Challenge’ is back. Don’t all get too excited. The format remains as before. Below is a photograph of a receipt I have picked up during my travels. All you have to do is write a piece based around the receipt. It can be as long or short as you want and as far as choosing a genre, anything goes. Let your imagination run riot.

I’m most looking forward to what you come up with. The receipt was given to me upon purchase of a waterproof ‘Ulster Rugby’ raincoat I picked up in the club shop before their recent match with Connacht. And the giant hand, as modelled below by Rebecca? Well, I’ll leave that to your own devices. I’m particularly keen to see what our North American followers come up with.

To add a little spice, the winner will have their entry featured on Fractured Faith blog this coming weekend. So, the genius of your submission can be revealed to the masses. Remember, rugby players don’t wear shoulder pads or helmets like those namby pamby NFL chaps. This is real men we are talking about here. Enjoy the challenge and I look forward to reading your pieces.

Are you brave enough to enter the ‘Flash Fiction Challenge’?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge Is Back

  1. It was an usually cold May Saturday afternoon, exactly a week after Stephen’s birthday for which his wife Fionnuala surprised him with tickets for the last home game of the season of his favourite rugby team along with their daughters Hannah and Rebecca.

    Stephen really would be lost without his amazing wife Fionnuala she has lost count of the amount of times he has “lost” his wallet or work pass only for them to turn up five minutes later in his pocket. Even driving Stephen to the train station for his daily commute to work had its challenges one time she had to do the journey twice because he left his phone on the sofa at home.

    Today turned out to be no different than any other day. Stephen, Fionnuala, Hannah and Rebecca headed off to go to the big game the girls were very organised and had coats and scarfs with them and got wrapped up in the car before stepping out in the cold. Stephen began frantically searching the car for his coat but it couldn’t be found. Where had he left his coat? You guessed right he left it at home. Fionnuala and the girls just rolled their eyes at him he really never ceases to give them comedy gold moments.

    They headed into the stadium and made their way round to the fan shop were Stephen made the choice of either buying a jacket to keep him warm during the game or a T-shirt it was a very tough decision for him to make and eventually he made the right call of purchasing the jacket. Fionnuala thanked God for giving him the wisdom to buy the jacket because the last thing she needed was Stephen getting sick and being at home again for a week with “manflu”.

    Rebecca had a great idea in the shop she saw a huge foam hand that she thought would be great for every time her daddy did something silly she could hit him over the head with it.

    The Black family had a great afternoon at the game and still reminisce about the day and look forward to the next comedy gold Stephen delivers.

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  2. Allow me to set the scene – my lump of a boyfriend has dragged me to yet another rugby match. It started pouring before we even left, but he claimed that made the game better. I just wanted to keep dry and warm so I had 4 layers on, while my bozo boyfriend only grabbed a sweatshirt.
    At the match, we grabbed two beers and proceeded to our seats. All I can think is, “Don’t these men know that their lack of padding leaves them susceptible to major injuries?! The NFL is truly onto something, even if they do have too many penalties!” I couldn’t take my boyfriends yelling anymore, so I got up and walked to the food and gift stands.
    While there, a young boy was walking aimlessly about in a soaked t-shirt and floppy shoes. It was clear that he had gotten separated from his family, but I was concerned about his health. I stooped low to talk with him, “Have you lost your family? Where is your jacket, it’s raining!” The young boys eyes began to well up, I just couldn’t take it. We walked over to closest stand and purchased him an official rugby rain coat, the smile was worth its weight in gold!
    We were able to reunite him with his family, the poor boy had wandered away while they were getting hot dogs. But my story isn’t over yet…
    Just as I turned to go, a gust of wind caught my receipt! I’m a stickler for balancing my accounts so I ran after the small slip of paper. That is when Tony, a tall, well spoken man saw my plight and happened to step on the receipt. His emerald green eyes crinkled with laughter as I tried to explain my excitement and gratitude for him catching my receipt. Thankfully, his young daughter was there to make our scene all the more awkward- she had a giant foam finger and kept shouting while poking strangers accidentally on the head!
    I won’t bore you with the gushy details, but it turns out Tony was out on a daddy-daughter date because he only sees her every other weekend and WAS happily single. I was invited to join them (Uncle Drew’s seat was empty, he was called into work) and I did! My, now ex-, boyfriend did not even notice my absence until the 80 minutes were up and we headed to the car.
    I cannot believe my true love story began at a rugby match with a runaway receipt!

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