Happy 4th July America

Happy 4th July to all our American followers! A long time ago there was a war after some tea got poured into a harbour. The redcoats got a bit of a pasting. Some men in wigs signed a bit of parchment. I wrote a dissertation about Earl Cornwallis and his dodgy military tactics in the Carolinas. I got a 2:1. Before all that the Chinese invented fireworks. I think. The end.

Anyway….enjoy the holiday!!

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

50 thoughts on “Happy 4th July America

  1. Thanks but I have never felt less like celebrating the start of our country. Right now, we are an embarrassment to the world. I am quite ashamed of being an American. I think I know how non-Nazi Germans must have felt … seeing the growing madness all around them during the 1930’s. It’s like a virus … one day your friend hates Trump, the next day he’s saying, well he’s got a few good ideas … then one day, he’s full trumpster. I’ve seen it happen. The media plays his tune relentlessly. There’s no fight anywhere. whatever protests there are, are quickly defused & the protesters put in jail & never heard of again.

    We were part of the Allies that saved Germany. Who’s going to save us? I don’t see anyone coming to our aid. Why would they? We have terrorized the entire world for decades.

    No, I do not feel like celebrating & I am not going to.

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    1. I’m here in the Ohio part of our country feeling something parallel. But for me, my eternal hope is that the hearts of the people will be moved to change the story of our country for the better. For me, the better begins when each individual citizen is moved to start acting better for the betterment of society.

      Since I don’t agree with our country and the way things are run, I’m not celebrating that we fought a war to gain freedom. Because the truth is that I don’t feel very free. I shut myself off from the politics and the hate and the separation on so many levels within our society, that I find myself a virtual recluse at home all the time. But in my reclusedom, I have come to give a new definition to what I dream America to be about. I wrote a post about it but I’ll give you the most important points.

      First, the slogan the country can unite themselves around:

      AMERICA’s Land Urging Righteous Action

      But before I can explain the slogan I must first also define what the acronym AMERICA means to me, for I have thought about what it would mean to be a good citizen of our great country, and the attributes that stood out in my mind were:

      A is for Able – Having the freedom and opportunity to do something

      M is for Moral – Having the ability to tell right from wrong and choosing to act in a good and virtuous way

      E is for Equal – Having something that is as good and valuable as another

      R is for Respectful – Having high regard and courtesy for another individual

      I is for Imaginative – Having the ability to create

      C is for Caring – Having an interest in the help and protection of others

      A is for Accepting – Having the ability to receive willingly, without resistance

      So the slogan begins with what it means to be American, an ideal (I hope) we could all agree is good for one and good for all. After the ideal American citizen comes The Land, the ground upon which we all stand united. We all find ourselves in this moment in time to be part of something greater than any one of us. And so it is on each one of us to take care of the Land that is ours together. Which is why Urging comes next. Because no one likes to be told what to do, but we would all like to encourage others to be better in their behavior. Asking nicely, not demanding, but conveying the importance of conceding to the wishes of what is being asked. That is what Urging means in this slogan. Righteous is next as explaining that through ideal citizens protecting their shared land through a shared interest in being better it creates a “right way” of living that can be promoted and supported by all. Finally is Action. That which we must all stand and do. It is only after being an ideal citizen that has chosen to protect the land in a common interest agreed upon by all that a choice to act should be made. And when that choice is made it will be for the better of all.

      So when I stay in today, boycotting the Fireworks, not participating in a society that fails to come together in a productive way, I dream of what our country could mean, and dream of a day when we realize we are all working towards the same goal, even though we stand so different in so many different areas.

      And I guess I am thankful that at the very least my country has granted me the freedom to do just that. That is at least one blessing that comes today.

      Much love and luck and joy and happiness to you in your moments. I feel blessed to be a part of a country that makes life happy even if there is so much to be dissatisfied with. I hope you can find a way to be happy despite the changes that need made to the country we call home.

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        1. Oppression comes in many forms. Just because I have the freedom to share words on the internet does not mean I have freedom. While our country offers some freedoms, they all come with a major cost. The question is, what cost are you willing to pay to call yourself free?

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    2. I’m sorry you feel this way and I’m sorry I left negative comments on this post below, but I guess I’m a little confused by the comments about the media playing his tune? The media attacks him non-stop,even if something positive happens. I see news of protests daily. I almost never see any of them going to jail or staying very long. Are you sure you aren’t talking about Iran? Or China? Or North Korea? To evoke the title of Nazis is really pushing it, if you look at who is demanding voices to be shut down: congress members telling people to attack anyone who supports Trump in the streets, a congresswoman just said if she is criticized online the person who does so should be fined and put in jail (sorry, I’m not sure which party she was from); Facebook shutting down anyone who they deem to be inappropriate, Twitter telling us who we can and cannot follow, Google caught more than once making sure certain sites can’t be found because they don’t conform to their beliefs? shutting free speech down isn’t right whoever does it and so far Trump hasn’t marched troops in to shut down the people who call him all those nasty names (rightly so at times, so don’t look to me to support him).

      I’m sorry you don’t feel like celebrating. My best friend’s grandfather fought on Iwo Jima because he believed he was protecting his own country from invasion, but, even if I don’t agree with everything you said here, he also fought to make sure you can always have the right to say what you want. So, I think that’s one thing worth celebrating – that people died to make sure that you can write this comment, right here on this blog. It might sound cheesy, but that makes me very happy! Yeah for your freedom to express yourself! I hop you had a good day, even if you didn’t have anything to celebrate!

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  2. Stephen, at 7 PM Eastern time we are holding a prayer vigil for the weather gods to pour out their wrath on Washington, D.C. ( not really, but I sure as hell won’t be watching the trump show on TV) Thanks for thinking of us.

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        1. So, I was just thinking something – I’m not a Donald Trump fan. He drives me nuts, but he has accomplished his goal – he is in your head. He is in the heads of the people who hate this country. I really don’t know what you’ll do when he’s gone. You’ll be so bored and lonely without someone to hate all day long. I guess that’s when you’ll find someone new to hate. Good luck with your hate.

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          1. I sincerely hope that with Trump in people’s minds and beings that people will start looking at themselves in the mirror and realizing the reflection of their personhood isn’t all that flattering. Too much like Trump, too little like themselves. I guess in my insane mind, I hope that Trump is the end of the American ego that enabled this horrible situation to come to light. Basically he is the crowning achievement of the worst America has to offer. My hope is that after Trump, the American citizens will be more aware of the people they elect to office and hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct. Not hate. Not condemnation. Not separation.

            Just coming together to make the country a better place. Because we all need that. No matter what our opinions or beliefs may be.

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    1. It’s sad that you had to ruin the nice comments by attacking people through the anonymity of the internet. It’s fine that you have your opinions and beliefs. It’s also fine that others feel the way they feel. What is not alright is using rudeness to attack their beliefs because they don’t happen to agree with your own. Do you feel better about the country you’re a part of after showing yourself to be so full of condescension and negativity?

      But that is the pride of the American. They know best and feel entitled to put others down for not agreeing with their pride.

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        1. Indeed we are allowed to be proud of our country. For there is much to be happy about. But just because we can find happiness in some aspects doesn’t mean we need to hide the glaring problems that are on show for the world to view. Pride is great, except for when you allow it to blind you to very real problems and use it to attack others for using their right to free speech to express how they have come to feel in their own country.

          I didn’t realize our country hired thought police to troll the internet attacking people freely expressing themselves. This is the oppression I speak of when I say I am not free. I merely shared my opinion on a site I love and to people I love to interact with. And yet for exercising my freedom, my own countrymen who claim the same freedom will negatively attack my personhood, call me a socialist, tell me to leave the country – all for doing what we are allowed to do in our country.

          How great of a representative of American culture is that?

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      1. And what I was saying is this wasn’t the post to air your dirty laundry about your country. He was being nice and you wanted to poop all over it. If I wanted to attack you I would have said something much more personal, but I won’t do that because I have a feeling with a name like that you’re awesome. I said the comments were not appropriate for here, that’s all. I’m sure you’re a fine person but this wasn’t the post for your beliefs. Go to the CNN blog or somewhere else for that. Why don’t you agree with my pride? I mean why can’t you just skip by if you don’t agree with it? Like…why couldn’t I? Yeah…I’ll need to ponder that on my end as well. And if you read your comments you were the one bashing actually, especially your last sentence.

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        1. I apologize if my words came out bashing. I was trying to make a point without attacking. And I failed. And I apologize for that, honestly and sincerely.

          I brought my opinions to this site not to air dirty laundry but to bring optimism to what I perceived to be a negative comment on our country. And while I agreed with the negativity I sought to add a positive spin to the America I dream of living in. One that retains all of the blessings and freedoms I recognize are already a part of our culture, but then builds and repairs the problems that remain a issue many have to deal with on a daily basis. I myself deal with poverty, homelessness, starvation, and mental illness. These are areas that a huge issues needing resolved. I came to this site to share with the creators because I like their opinions and I appreciate our back and forths. Not to attack our country. I’m sorry I rubbed you the wrong way. I don’t like offending people I consider family (which is what I believe countrymen should treat each other as).

          I hope you have found yourself with an enjoyable day to celebrate the beginnings of our country. Much has come from that day that is worthy of appreciation.

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          1. You made a very good point. Many good points actually. As did others. I let another comment on here bother me more than I should have and I failed my own advice to others – skipping over it and letting it go. I’m really angry at myself for making no sense and dismissing some really thought provoking comments here. I’m rereading them and thinking about all you and others have said. I really mean that.

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            1. Try not to be too angry with yourself. Every moment we walk away feeling we could have been a better version of ourselves is a learning moment. We need learning moments to get us to better ourselves. I think of this saying that the master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried. And so in the art of perfecting ourselves through our shared journey, we stumble and we fall, but we also shine when we get back up and show the lesson we walked away with.

              I sincerely appreciate that you are taking to heart and mind the words of others that may not have come naturally to your being. That’s an awesome way to be and a great way to be better from your interactions with others.

              I’m sorry that another’s comments upset you so much. The sad thing about the words we take in is that they can so heavily influence us when we allow them to. I personally limit myself on the content I take in because I am so worried how I’ll be influenced by it.

              For instance, I don’t normally read the comments. But I was drawn to the negativity of the one I responded to. And then I was drawn to the negativity of your comments. And I felt compelled to respond. Weakness on my part, I believe. But when I responded I wanted to be gentle and not attacking because I believe we are better when we are gentle versus aggressive and negative. But I fell to negativity and my words attacked you from your perspective. So I walk away knowing I need to choose my words better.

              Thank you again for sharing that you are taking other’s words to heart. It brings such joy to my mind and soul that outside the house I’ve contained myself to there are others opening their minds and hearts to the words of others just trying to share themselves. That is such a happy making moment for me. Thank you for that!

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      2. I came back here to apologize. I should have read what you said better and I should have listened to you. I was wrong. I’m really going to think about what you said more. I should have just skipped on by. I have a personal reason for being upset about people who are so negative about our country but that is no reason to act the way I did. I will leave you alone from now on. Again, I apologize.

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        1. I appreciate your heartfelt sentiment to protect the dignity of our country. I believe that is one of the shining attributes of our country, that we are so willing to stand up for what we believe in.

          I sincerely appreciate you showing yourself to be an awesome citizen. Because neither one of us was looking to attack the other and we both came back to make the other feel more comfortable about the confrontation. I like that a lot. I have hope that if more interactions went as such on the internet, it wouldn’t be such a scary place to be.

          I’m also going to give thought as to why I chose to engage with you rather than let it go. But honestly, after resolving this situation with you so peacefully, I’m glad we engaged each other. Both of us got to see things from a different perspective. And we both walked away not having fallen to lesser behavior on purpose. That’s my constant hope for how people should share their beliefs with others.

          I don’t think we should all think the same things. But I also don’t think we should be scared to share differing opinions. I believe as a whole we are made better by the combination and uniqueness of our differing opinions and beliefs. So in my ideal America we find a way to resolve the problems and continue having our own individual identities.

          Again, I appreciate our back and forth and how well it resolved itself. Thanks for being kind to me. I’m a weirdo that really needs that from strangers.

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          1. What is dumb about all this is that I actually agree with you more than I disagree. I’m so tired that I completely flew off the handle, which is absolutely no excuse. I am so mad at myself, seriously. I’m making some tea and going to bed and going to try to follow my own advice from now on. Argh!

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            1. Tiredness is an awesome accelerator of extreme emotions. Every day my bipolar flares when I get to 7-10 hours without a break. The slightest things become huge irritations that I can fly off the handle about.

              It’s good that you are aware of what caused the upsetedness. For me, it was a huge hurdle to overcome to be able to understand what was triggering my emotional outbursts and overwhelming passion.

              I drink a warm coffee concoction to soothe me when I’m upset. And my go to is always bed when I can’t get the extra negativity out of my mind.

              I hope you find yourself a restful night. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I think you’re on the right track because you feel you did wrong and you aren’t defending your perceived wrongs but rather looking to create a more positive mental landscape for yourself with rest and relaxation.

              I think if more people taught themselves to soothe their frustrations and chill before they react, we might find a much calmer and peaceful existence. Something I am desperately hoping for. I dream of world peace – a dream I realize but one I won’t stop wishing to come true.

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  3. Thank you! That was sweet of you to think of our holiday. I have to admit that I do not know about Irish holidays but I hope you have a nice one where you can eat fun stuff and watch fireworks!!! 🙂

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