What’s Your Favourite Sandwich?

Fionnuala made lasagne for dinner last night. She is an excellent cook so we were all looking forward to it; and rightly so, for it was delicious. What I was not prepared for were the outrageous scenes which followed later that evening. Scenes which scarred my soul and I’ll take to the grave. Scenes which no man should ever have to witness. The sight of his wife eating a lasagne sandwich.

I think it’s a Belfast thing. The ability to place any foodstuff between two slices of bread and eat them. As a country boy, I was oblivious to this post meal ritual where, whatever remained on an individual’s plate was carefully scooped between two slices of bread and devoured. Everything was fair game. Meat, potatoes, vegetables, even Irish stew! For the love of God. It was a horror show.

The contrast between the look of pleasure on the diner’s face and the look of utter disgust on mine, cannot be exaggerated. Don’t, get me wrong, I am a fan of the humble sandwich. I eat them most days for my lunch. Give me a BLT or chicken salad and I’m as happy as Larry, whoever Larry is. It’s when the contents of a Sunday dinner are presented to me that I struggle. As in struggle to retain the contents of my stomach.

We held a straw poll at chez Black last night as to everyone’s favourite and least favourite sandwich. Hannah’s preferences were sweet chilli chicken or turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry sauce; the classic ‘Christmas’ sandwich. Her least favourite was the crisp sandwich which was odd, as Northern Irish people are big fans of such monstrous concoctions. By crisp I mean potato chip, my North American friends.

Adam’s favourite took me a while to write down – chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, sweetcorn and bbq sauce. What a mouthful, in more ways than one. The only item he could not tolerate in his ‘piece’ were gherkins. Rebecca had plainer tastes. A simple ham or cheese sandwich, but not ham and cheese, which turned her stomach. I’m still trying to figure that one out, but she likes what she likes.

Which left Fionnuala. Lasagne or cottage pie she plumped for, closely followed by Tayto cheese & onion crisps. Ye gods, were there no depths this woman would stoop to in her quest for the most disgusting snack of all time. Even the thought of them are making me queasy. Perversely she hates cheese & tomato, a particular favourite of mine. Truly, my wife and I have very diverse tastes. But, opposites attract, and somehow we work.

All this made me think of my late father, who delighted in the ultimate sandwich sacrilege. Raw onion and HP ‘brown’ sauce. Even now, I cringe in fear at the thought of him creating this culinary monstrosity. We are all different and, no more so, than when it comes to what we shovel into our mouths at meal times. A mouth watering feast for one, has another reaching for the vomit bags. Each to their own and viva la difference, isn’t that what they say?

What’s your favourite sandwich?

What horrors have you seen consumed by family, friends and work colleagues?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

54 thoughts on “What’s Your Favourite Sandwich?

  1. I have to say I like a variety from day to day, but I don’t think you can beat Coronation chicken – or a toasted cheese (has to be cheddar of course) and tomato, if I’m allowed to ‘cook’ it. But, please, NEVER put one of those little gherkins in my sandwich or even on my plate. They are disgusting little things and I blame a certain ‘clown’ (whose surname begins with a great big M, if you haven’t guessed already) for introducing them to the world. Yuk!


  2. My aunt favored an abomination called “Soup Sandwich” — unreconstituted (condensed) soup, straight out of the can, slathered on bread. You may all commence fainting now.

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  3. 😂😂😂 Jim and your late father would have got along great! I mentioned his sandwich and he started make Todd love sounds!! I like simple sandwiches or just the innards and no wrapping (bread) please! Like a skinny burger! 😀😉


  4. I had a flatmate who turned all left over food into a sandwich. He was particularly fond of curry sandwiches.

    I’m not sure if it’s my favourite sandwich but whenever I make rissoles and there are some left over the next day along with some gravy then I’ll quite happily make rissole and gravy sandwiches. They’re very filling. I also really love roast beef, tomato relish, and lettuce sandwiches.

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  5. We had a neighbor who said he always packed several jam sandwiches for workdays. Just jam, between white bread. That’s cake!

    I only like traditional combinations, though now you make me question the word “traditional.”

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  6. My favorite sandwich is a beef on weck. It’s a Buffalo thing. It’s roasted beef, sirloin tip or round roast, usually medium rare, served on a Kimmelweck roll. Kimmelweck rolls are German … Kimmel refers to the caraway seeds on the rolls & weck is short for “wecken”, which is German for roll. The rolls also have kosher salt on them. They are served with horseradish. Traditional sides are potato chips and a dill pickle.

    Unfortunately, in my old age, I have developed diverticulosis & I can no longer eat sharp seeds like caraway seeds or even small seeds like poppy seeds. So I can no longer have this sandwich. The last time I had one, it was a WEEK of agony.

    As far as putting leftovers inbetween two slices of bread, my son is the king. He’ll put literally anything into a sandwich. He makes something he calls an “Irish” sandwich, which is mashed potatoes on white bread.

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  7. peanut butter and banana on white bread. a good white bread, nicely dense, and the banana should still be a little bit on the green side. and of course, all-natural peanut butter, the kind that comes with oil on the top that you have to mix.

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      1. Korean side dish—usually some form of fermented vegetables, often a cabbage. Definitely an acquired taste, but if you have a Korean or Asian market, you can get it pretty easily.


  8. When I was a child, I distinctly remember having butter and ketchup sandwiches for lunch. My mother swears we weren’t “poor.” She just liked that. Okay.

    My favorite sandwich has to be a bacon-cheeseburger. Simple enough. But I am also a fan of Subway’s “Spicy Italian” which features pepperoni and salami. I add lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers, mayo, and spicy mustard. Of course, I also love a great grilled cheese sandwich, as well. Slap a little bacon on that, and it’s marvelous!

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    1. Jeff, I used to eat ketchup and butter sandwiches too when I was a kid and I loved them!!

      My favorite sandwich for breakfast is a cheese egg omelet (cheddar and mozzarella preferable) on a sesame seed bagel with ketchup.

      My lunch favorite is peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat toast. Although I also love turkey and cheese with lettuce and tomato on a hoagie roll and tomato and cheese with mayo on pumpernickel bread that is either toasted or fresh and soft.

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      1. Grated carrots, slices cucumbers, bean sprouts, olives, mushroom, onion and tomato – glory! A little “Thunder Sauce” (no idea what’s in it, it’s the chain’s own Gift from Above) – it’s a lovely summer treat.

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  9. Sorry I am late coming to this party… but my very favorite sandwich is peanut butter and pickle. Other people make this sandwich other ways, but mine has to be super chunk peanut butter and bread and butter pickles. I would prefer if my mom were still alive so I could have her home made bread and butter pickles, but these days commercial ones will have to do. This sandwich is the perfect balance of savory and sweet, crunchy and soft. I like it especially on whole grain bread.


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