How Do You Connect With Your Readers?

It never fails to amaze me that people regularly return to this blog to read my words. I’ll never complain about having to read and reply to comments because they are my oxygen, the main reason I write and post on WordPress. I want to make a difference and help people. So when I wake up some days and don’t feel like blogging or sharing what’s in my head with the world, I focus on this thought; words matter to people, my words matter to people.

What’s more, all our words matter to people within our spheres of influence, be they written or spoken. Words are a double edged sword, they can heal wounds or cause them. We need to be so careful as to how we wield them and think long and hard before we open our mouths or start to type. Words can save lives, but they can also destroy them. We carry weapons of mass destruction in our mouths and minds.

There are so many other things I could be doing, and maybe should be doing, when I write. I often feel guilty when I begin a new post or chapter of the book I’m working on. Shouldn’t I be somewhere else, doing something else? At times like that I think of the number of people who have encouraged me to write and share my story, who tell me it has and is making a difference to their lives. They fortify me to cast off the doubts and keep going.

I was approached yesterday by a lady I vaguely know and told the local village book club wanted to read my book. She invited me to attend the club and speak to the group about my novel. I was grateful but stunned. People taking the time read my story and then wanting to talk to me about it. I accepted, of course, even though I know I’ll be a gibbering wreck come the day. But I’ll be there.

These last few weeks I’ve posted copies to New York, Utah, Michigan and even Australia. Places I can only dream of ever visiting. I’ve been interviewed by four newspapers and signed dozens of copies for friends and strangers alike. I’ve read, in astonishment, the five star reviews on Amazon. From people I don’t know, people who I have touched on the other side of the world with words I wrote on my sofa.

Every day though I read the words of fellow bloggers whose literary boots I’m not fit to tie. They struggle as I do and question the point of devoting so much time to their craft. Some talk of packing it in, others already have. I can empathise with their thoughts and actions for I’ve been there myself many times. Wondering what’s the point, why am I banging my head off a brick wall when nobody is listening.

I’ve learnt this though these last few years, someone is always listening. Someone, somewhere will pick up on your post, article or book. And it will connect with them, an invisible, unbreakable bond between author and reader. A bond that will always be there and no power on earth can sever or destroy. A lifeline, a force that will always bind you together, even if your paths never cross in the world we call home.

So keep writing, reading and listening. Find your people, tribe, whatever you wish to call them. Form connections that will sustain mutually and carry you through the times of hesitation and doubt. They are out there, waiting for you, needing you. Just as you need them. Feed off one another and grow as an artist and a person. There is always someone out there who needs your words. Today.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

68 thoughts on “How Do You Connect With Your Readers?

      1. Currently in Sydney, but I grew up in the country. If there is one place you need to cisit in a lifetime, it’s Aus 🙂


  1. Hey thanks for your encouragement. Btw I’m about 91% done with the book and I really appreciate how you used yourself and your family (yes I see it) and especially for bringing awareness to so many mental health issues


  2. I dunno. I blog, but most of my writing is done in my personal daily diary which nobody ever sees. It really doesn’t matter to me if anyone ever sees it. Writing is about my mental health & quite honestly, writing has saved my life more than once … let’s say, writing saves my life on a daily basis. But I do it for me, not to find my tribe.

    I have four blogs but I’m really not much of a blogger. I can always find something else to do. Vacuum the living room, for instance. Or read a book. I have stacks of books just begging to be read.

    That said, I am very happy when I get responses to my blog entries. & I was REALLY proud when a political blogger used my aunt polly’s rants blog as a reference in one of his posts. I was like, wow … someone really pays attention!

    But honestly … if people read what I write, that’s cool. If they’ve got something else to do, that’s cool too. I’m happy being anonymous.

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  3. Reading and writing are powerful skills. You are transmitting your genuine thoughts and that’s why people come to you for more. As you have mentioned, reading , writing comments and replying became my oxygen too. I wonder how many strangers have helped me in this blogging journey. This happens because we are sharing our thoughts which are powerful beyond our imagination. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and continue to do so. All love ❤️


  4. I read slowly but I am still reading your book. Quite frankly I’m impressed. I’ve only read one other book from someone I discovered through social media and it was less than good to put it lightly. You have talent, though.


  5. Thanks for the encouragement to keep writing. When I see blogs like yours that is so successful and have so many followers I sometimes wonder why I keep blogging with my small number of followers. But just when I think I will quit, someone responds how
    my post gave them encouragement or make them laugh and was just “what they needed.” So thank for reminding me why I continue to do this. Hoping that my words do encourage someone or give them a smile.


  6. “We carry weapons of mass destruction in our mouths and minds” is so very, very profoundly true. I attended a writer’s group a few months ago and some other writers just verbally shredded my work. Their nastiness stung me. Their words were “weapons of mass destruction.” Needless to say it was extremely discouraging, but I have moved on. Words can hurt and they can heal. The encouragement I feel from reading your blog motivates me. I definitely want to read your book.


      1. It really did – it reminded me of the story of the child throwing sea stars back into the ocean even though he knew he couldn’t possibly save them all. He made a big difference to some of them and I have to remind myself that’s my job as a writer too.

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  7. I’m constantly talking myself out of posting. Then I make a plan to post regularly with increased frequency. YAY!…then, again, I talk myself out of posting. Maybe it’s time to stop talking to myself and just write.

    I am always encouraged by you. Thanks!

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  8. Hi Fractured Faith. Just read your article about how to connect with readers. I found it very inspiring for someone such as myself that has just started out blogging. I feel I have something to share. The book in my head is a jumble at the moment though I have managed to get something out there. Thank you for your contribution to us bloggers. May you continue and be successful in your endeavors.


  9. I am listening. Thank you. Sometimes I can almost feel the connections between people, like invisible golden threads. Something about the way you write makes me hope that you & I will become friends too.


  10. Thanks for this. I needed to read it today. I’ve definitely been toying with ‘what’s the point in writing?’ these last few days. If I’m honest maybe it’s been a little of ‘what’s the point in life’ too. This reminded me that occasionally something I’ve said has helped someone else. Maybe it’s worth carrying on. 🙂


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