Are You Out There?

There have been a few technical issues with the blog of late, meaning my posts haven’t been reaching everyone. Fionnuala made me aware of this yesterday and we’re not quite sure what is causing it. Either way, I woke up this morning with the word ‘connection’ in my head. As a writer, it’s a key word. How do you connect with your readers? How do you strike that sweet chord of resonance and bridge that ethereal, invisible gap between one soul and another?

I know, when I write certain posts, roughly how popular they will be. My running posts tend not to do so well, but that’s okay as it’s a niche subject and not everyone wants to read about a sweaty middle aged man plodding along the country roads of this fair isle I call home. Likewise when I plug the book, as I must as a fledgling author, people who already know about it will scroll past that particular link.

It’s a tough one. I want the blog to do well and see its traffic grow. But, at the same time, I want to write about what I want to write about. I find it’s the more personal, introspective posts that seem to hit home and connect with people. The posts where I open up and expose my weaknesses and vulnerabilities to the world. That leads to engagement and interaction. For we all want to know we are not alone in this journey we call life.

As fellow bloggers and travellers I encourage you to do likewise. Writing reveals the true self. Blogging isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about reaching out and realising you are not alone. It’s about finding your tribe, building your community. It’s about connection. For when we connect, we live. Connection gives us the strength to carry on when all seems lost. It’s what makes me write. I hope the same applies to you, fellow traveller, for you are not alone.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

52 thoughts on “Are You Out There?

  1. I have wondered with my own posts if there was a problem. Though I don’t post as much as you my last two didn’t reach anyone at all. Zilch, nada, nothing. Actually I felt quite demoralized and dejected. Are the technical issues with WordPress then? Have they been sorted?

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    1. I’ve had a post like that and I think there was a technical issue, so it could be. Even if nobody reads my posts, there are followers who just go down their feed and click “like” on everything compulsively so I get at least 10 likes on every post. It’s weird to get ZERO.

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  2. There are weeks that are so full of activity and associated anxiety that blog posts pass me by in a blur. It is no reflection on the blogs or the authors. Then there are weeks like this one where I am full of fun and words and have the space to reflect at leisure. It’s just timing, for me.

    It must be fun to be able to predict the response to each post. For me, it’s always a surprise!

    I’m curious about your aims for your blog. Do you rely on traffic for income? Are you building a long term community around your book? Maybe you’ve covered this in earlier posts, so I apologise if I’ve missed it.

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    1. I think part of the problem with that type of post is that for some reason on WordPress there is an over-abundance of them. It’s really difficult to stand out.

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  3. I agree. I sometimes think ‘it’s time I wrote another post’ but if I’m not interested enough to want to write about something, how can I expect anyone else to be interested. Not everyone will want to read about the things I write about, but I’ve found it helpful to me to write these things down. Maybe someone, somewhere will find it useful or entertaining.

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  4. Thanks for your latest post. Really makes a connection with me too. I have lots of interests although starting my blog was prompted by my diagnosis of autism and a desire to share my experiences of mental health issues. I’m not doing this to make money (although like you with your book it would be great to get some interest in the jewellery I create).
    I enjoy your writing and want to check out your book. Everyone has a story to tell (sorry about cliche), knowledge to impart, passions to share. Guess that’s why a lot of us have chosen this as our platform/podium/stage.
    Thank you again, from beautiful North Wales to stunning Northern Ireland.

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  5. From one sweaty, plodding soul to another, keep on doing what you do. This is your blog, your story and you do connect with many different people on several different levels. All that soul-baring can be as exhausting as running a race.

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  6. I’ve been seeing your posts. And I agree, some of my posts don’t seem to click with everyone. And that’s ok. Bring up depression or anxiety and I get a ton of comments and views. Which actually makes me sad because it just goes to show how many people really do struggle with mental health. On another note, Likes mean almost nothing to me. I have a faithful 8 people that I can count on to “Like” every post. They never comment and I literally chuckled to myself the other day as I had 8 likes in less than 2 minutes… but no views. The post would’ve taken longer than a minute to actually read. BUSTED!!! 😜


  7. It’s funny, I used to care quite a bit about ‘numbers’, but then something clicked inside of me and I suddenly trusted that the people who were meant to find my words and read them would find them. I quietly smile when someone ‘likes’ a post I wrote months ago because I think: they were obviously meant to read this now, and I was meant to re-read it now. I have a tiny following, but I’m so fulfilled by my blog and the people who find me there. It is exactly what you’ve said: it’s the connection that does it. When I ‘felt’ that connection for the first time…there really was no going back. I’m still here. I still see you. And I always do love what I read in your little bloggy home. 🙂 x

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  8. Interesting, I recently had a discussion with a blogger who told me they purchase articles to post on their site. I do realize there are commercial blogs, its a viable business. I think I will always write my own material, if I run out of things to say that means im cured 🙂

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  9. It is true: I most enjoy reading how you express your vulnerability. It represents all of us
    Laying out on a table, flat out, open to receiving the grace we need to survive! Thanks for being you!


  10. I’ve been seeing your post, I enjoy them, when I feel like given up because I get 0 likes I just go back to your posts. Thank you for your encouragement, hopefully things will pick up, I feel like I post and post and no one likes anything lol


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