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We have had a flurry of new followers in recent weeks so let’s interact. Drop a few lines in the comments section introducing yourself to our little community. It’s an opportunity to build new connections and discover new writers. Who knows, you may even find your new BFF. Nobody needs to be lonely on WordPress. We are here for each other through thick & thin. Please like, comment and share. Let’s spread the word, people.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 15 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

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  1. Hi everyone! I’m keyboardphilosopher or kp for short 😊. I’m an 18 year old Australian university student in my first year of my psychology degree. I’ve been on WordPress for a little over a year and I write reflections on life, moral issues and psychology from a Christian perspective. I’d love to meet you and read your work

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  2. Hello! I’m a recent follower and am enjoying your posts, I have always loved writing and am hoping to grow my own sharing space through my blog. Outside of wordpress I write a lot of poetry and some shprt stories and random ramblings. Nice to meet you 🙂

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  3. Hi! I’m a fairly recent follower and find your posts really gently reassuring and hopeful. I’m doing my masters in psychology (in New Zealand) and write about my experience with bipolar two. I know a lot of people find a diagnosis depressing, but personally, it’s lifted a weight off my shoulders. At this stage, I feel embarrassingly compelled to shout from the rooftops re: my love for my mentally unwell pals and also the lgbt community. Thank you for all you share and the comfort you’ve given many x

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    1. Hey there! I’m another bipolar out in the world, not being depressed about my label. I am Type 1 and definitely swerve towards the mania (and psychosis) of highs only occasionally dropping into lows every once in awhile. But that’s different from when I was rapid cycling and really going through it.

      I feel you on wanting to shout love to those suffering from mental unwellness. Going through it yourself gives you first hand knowledge of the struggles that others are up against. And what I have found is that those with first hand knowledge of the difficulties of mental unwellness are the most considerate and compassionate and often empathetic among our society. I love the mentally unwell community because they offer so much depth of character and understanding of what it takes to be happy. Often because they are so far from feeling happy themselves.

      Hope you are doing well on your side of the world and are finding much love and appreciation for the wonder that life has to offer!

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        1. Thank you so much!

          If you’d like to become an email buddy that chats about anything you’re interested in, I’m game. I’m always looking for new people to share with. And I would love to deeply discuss things with another bipolar. The depth of being that bipolars possess always blows me away to witness.

          My email is

          I would love to talk bipolarity, life, love, faith, fantasy, fun – whatever you’re in the mood for. I will warn that I am very wordy when I talk. It’s like word vomit for me, I just keep finding things that I want to say.

          And even if you don’t take me up on the email buddy offer, please know I’m out there supporting you, hoping for the best in your bipolar. I hope you find as much pleasure in the diagnosis as I have come to find in mine.

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  4. Hi everyone, I’m Poppy. I’m an ordained minister in the Church of England, living in Liverpool, UK. I write about ministry, faith, marriage and a whole load of other random things! It’s lovely to meet you all 🙂

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  5. Thanks Stephen, keep up the great work.

    Hi, I’m Chris and I’m working on my writing skills ahead of embarking on my first attempt at a novel this November as part of NaNoWriMo. You’ll find an eclectic selection of short stories on my blog. Mostly driven by prompts & challenges from the fantastic writing community. If you are writing I’d love to have a read.

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  6. Hi. I’m Denny at caffeinatedathlete. I started blogging a little over a year ago as a hobby. I wanted to learn the media and develop some writing and publishing skills. The thought was to build something to help me enjoy my time once I retire. Thoroughly enjoying the ride so far. My passions are exercise and coffee. Reading Stephen’s blog is one of my favorite daily habits. I love his honesty and marvel at his ability to craft sentences and develop thoughts. I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do.

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  7. Hello! I’m a Mum of 2 in my thirties, living in the UK. I’m going through a bit (!) of a life crisis at the moment (isn’t it too early for mid-life crisis?!) and I’ve started to blog again as a bit of personal therapy. I’m also trying to find what optimal health means for me, and how I can reach it – that’s ultimately what my blog is about.

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    1. I don’t think any age is too early for a mid-life crisis. I think we all come to a point after growing up where we are like, “Is this working for me?”. And often because the world wasn’t sure of what we needed to be happy, so much of what we worked for up to that point, just isn’t what is needed to continue forward. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The only wrong would be pretending you don’t realize things aren’t working for you.

      It’s very healthy and positive to want to make things work better for you. I wish you much love and luck and joy in your journey. I’m sitting at 35 here and went through a mid-life crisis that started on the Eve of my 30th birthday. The hardest parts of the journey lasted a good three years. But coming through the hard times has brought around such a positive perspective that I’m hesitant to call the hard times bad because so much good has come from it.

      Keep your head up. These struggles you are facing are only momentary. Every low you have ever been through to this point has ended and brought you to a new place to experience. Take this low you’re feeling and allow it to guide you to a better high than you’ve ever felt before.

      If you can’t believe you can do it, know this stranger from the internet believes fully that you were meant to tackle this hurdle and get on track to being the happiest you that you can imagine being.

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        1. They really do make us who we are. I think mid life crisis every so often make sense. Like every 5-10 years things get shaken up so you can take a look around and see how far you’ve come and what more you want accomplish with the time you have left.

          I think mid life crises are good for perspective. Because I think life gets going at this rapid pace and so quickly we lose track of how we got where we are. The shaking of a mid life crisis brings into question the very path that brought you so low.

          And in answering the questions of why you are so low, you can find the ladder out of the pit and into the next high of appreciating you for who you are in the moment you find yourself in.

          Life is this wonderful fluid flowing of ups and downs that ever increase with beauty and grace the more accepting you are of the natural ebbs and flows that life brings.

          I suffer from Bipolar, Anxiety, and a healthy dose of Crazy Beliefs that step outside the realm of society’s accepted belief system. So I too know the baggage of having extra mental duress to struggle through. But in my suffering, I still find much light. Because the darkness and uncomfortableness I feel makes me ever more motivated to find a peaceful place for my mind to be.

          And the great news is that I’m getting there. And making it a regular place my mind stays. Which is beautiful to experience.

          How I hope somewhere along the road I am able to find the words on how I am relieving my anxiety and depression.

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  8. Hello everyone, I retired to Snowdonia, North Wales, six years ago and have found my contented space living with just sheep for neighbours. I’ve been in the mental health system for 50+ years – bipolar 1 + psychosis, borderline personality disorder, sensory integration dysfunction. A year ago next month I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and so much came crashing into place. This May I decided to start removing my masks and write a blog to share my experiences through words and images. I’ve used poetry to explore emotions and feelings since my teens and I’ve written a few short stories and a children’s novel. Nothing published but I enjoy the process.
    I found Fractured Faith about a month ago and find the writing inspirational and approachable. Thank you.
    Hope to check out more of your fellow bloggers soon.
    Hwyl fawr from Wales.👋✍

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  9. Hi there folks! My name is Tom MacInnes and I am writing to you today from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. At present, I am a blogger who writes about life and children books and music and education. I am a retired teacher. One day, I hope to be a published author of children’s picture books. But, for now, I blog at
    I would, also, like to introduce my daughter, Leah. She is thirteen years old and is a voracious reader and history buff. She writes about books and book series. She, also, writes about life, from a book-related point of view. She hopes to be a writer when she grows up. In my opinion, she is already an old soul. Her blog can be reached at
    Thanks and have a terrific day.

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  10. Hello. I am a Christian wife, mother,grandmother, sister, aunt and fiend. At least that is usually how I introduced myself. I am writing a book. Who on here isn’t writing a book? I have overcome so many terrible tradgedies and traumas in my 58 years and I hope my book will show that when you have Jesus, there is nothing you can not overcome. To read about my experiences and lessons learned go to:


  11. Sorry. I wanted to share my personal challenges with you and my link did not work. My name is Terri. Jesus was with me every step of the way and helped me through every challenge. He helped me through having a personal relationship with him, having a great church, great Bible, great prayer, great friends and a loving family. God uses people to help people. One day I will finish the book I am writing about how Jesus helped me and how He can help you. Until then, please read my blog about my personal challenges:

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  12. My name is Karyn. I am the person behind all the words on The title of my blog was choose not only as a nod to my location and how wet it is here–but also a nod to the desire of my heart. I am on a quest to be fully saturated with the love and Word of Christ.

    I’m simple. I’m vulnerable. I’m always learning. And I’m excitable—I can’t help but to share what I feel the Lord is impressing upon my heart with anyone and everyone willing to listen. It’s my desire to meet others where they are and to love on them well. It’s my hope that my written words do that when I cannot be present to hug on you! 🙂

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  13. Hello, nice idea, this. I am looking forward to finding some time to check out the others on this comment chain. I have been posting my musings since 2015 at on WordPress. I live near Los Angeles and love having a worldwide community via the posts, blogs and writings of others. I was immediately drawn to the title of your blog, “fractured faith” and the viewpoint from Ireland. Looking forward to reading these blogs in the comments and ordering your book, as well. All we Who’s from Whoville have to keep this up! Jane Tawel

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  14. Hey there everyone! My name’s Narisa but you can call me Nari or BabyFunbo, a name given to me by my friends. I’m a med student who loves writing stories but with a hectic schedule, it’s difficult to post as regularly as others do. I occasionally, also do write book reviews. At the moment, I’m just trying to build an audience, hoping that one day I will be able to make my passion for writing a profession. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, I don’t know but I hope that it does. Maybe it’s just dreams of a naive girl. Thanks for taking the time to read this and my best wishes to you.

    My blog can be reached at:

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  15. Hello! I started blogging when I was 20. That blog was on, and there was a lot that I went through on it. A lot. I eventually ended up deleting it and starting anew, and I also created a blog on here. WordPress recommended Stephen’s blog to me, because I also have a mental illness – Type II Bipolar, with more depressive than hypomania cycles. I currently maintain three different blogs, but I also have a chronic pain illness that prevents me from writing as much as I would like.

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  16. Hi Everyone! I hope everybody is wonderful today. 🙂 My blog is about toxic relationships, and building a life after abuse. Right now it’s mostly just my story because I felt that was a good place to start. Brand new to blogging, and my main goal by putting my story out there is to help others and realize that THEY ARE NOT ALONE, and that there is so much to your story after! It’s not gonna be all tears and tissues though! Since finding myself has a lot to do with other hobbies, and finding joy again I will be posting lots of other fun stuff!! Everything from recipes, arts & crafts, camping trips etc…

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  17. Hello everyone, my name is Kathy and I’m a recent follower. I’m a mum of two young kids, married to a wonderful and supportive husband, and currently working on finding a fulfilling profession (as I’ve lost my passion for healthcare). I love writing and started posting short snippets of my journey in life and parenting. They are meant to inspire, empower or ignite laughter, be relatable and real. No topic is too difficult and through doing this, I have unburdened a lot of my own baggage.
    I look forward to meeting new people and creating a positive and supportive online community.
    Thanks Stephen for being part of that. 😁

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  18. Hi I’m Janea. I’m kinda new here. Started blogging a few weeks ago when a friend suggested to me that it would be a good idea. I write mostly about a book called Searching for Fire but I also write about other interests like video games or traveling or history, etc. I started reading Fractured Faith too probably because the title intrigued me and also because this blogger writes novels. I love blogging and to be honest, I did have a blog years and years ago so it is nice to get back into it again. I enjoyed reading all of your comments and nice to meet you all here. Thanks for the invite to comment!


  19. Hi, my name is Joshua Pregbaha. I’m from Nigeria. I love stories no matter how short and I love comedy. My blog is my way of sharing some of the wacky fun thoughts I have in hopes of putting a smile on your face and maybe passing along a message or two.

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  20. This is a great way to meet new bloggers Stephen. Thanks for introducing us.
    I’m from Scotland. A wife and mum of two grown up kids. I write about my faith and life and my journey in self discovery, my mental health, diet, travels – basically anything that takes my fancy and helps me to process and connect. I started my blog when I was going through a particularly difficult time as therapy of sorts. Now some days are easier than others but I keep writing and processing when I feel able to in the hopes that complete healing will come.
    I enjoy reading this blog and look forward to checking out some of the others that have commented here. 🙂

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  21. Hi, I’m Lynne and I’m a writer and artist. I love reading a range of blogs covering writing, art, craft, psychology, mental health and in that vein I blog for creatives, on the creative life, the ebb and the flow, how to nurture it and sustain it with plenty of snippets from my own life. Always lovely to visit here on Fractured Faith (a compelling title!) because I find it so refreshing. It’s a ‘cheers’, from me.

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  22. I am not really new to your blog – been following you for awhile now. I enjoy your honesty in writing about your life and family. Always interested when you share about Ireland and Belfast. I am retired and living in the great state of Michigan in the USA. My posts range from funny stories about my family or my experiences as a pastor’s wife to the road trips my husband and I make to reflections on the Bible as I read it. I enjoy reading other blogs and love the friendships I have made with many.

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  23. Hi everyone!! I have been a follower of Stephen’s blog for about a year. The title, Fractured Faith, drew me in and his heartfelt, vulnerable, sometimes challenging posts have kept me coming back for more.
    You could call me a free spirit. I am a writer, photographer, full-time office administrator, Lay Pastoral Associate for the Montana (USA) Synod of the Lutheran church, and boundless dreamer in the mountains. I love the Lord and put my trust in Him – most of the time – I am human.
    I am on a journey seeking grace, finding paradise, and having the adventure of my life!
    At the young age of 42, I decided it was time the Lord had His way with my life. I had been giving my life to the Lord for years, but not necessarily LIVING in the Lord’s light. So, I pulled up my well-rooted life on the windswept plains of Eastern Montana (it takes really strong roots to remain upright there), said goodbye to everyone and everything I had known for the last 25 years and headed west. Northwest to be exact, to the land of majestic mountains, placid lakes, and new adventures. The Flathead Valley of Montana. Now with 6 years of seasoning in this beautiful place I now call home, I continue to wander in His creations with wonder while wondering if I have what it takes to really be who the Lord wants me to be and truly dance in His light.
    You can follow my ponderings on life and faith at (pretty profound, eh?)
    This is my story. I hope you will find parts of your story here too.
    Thoughts – well I have many! So many that I struggle to put them into words sometimes. When I do, you will find them on my blog. I write about my faith, my struggles, and my desires to somehow make a difference in this world the best way I can. I share the sermons I write as well.
    Perhaps in sharing in my wayward journey to find who I am and what I am here for, you will be inspired to live in His light. Heck, you might even be entertained as I do trip a lot and love a good laugh!


  24. Hi, I’m a recent follower and just wanted to introduce myself:) I really enjoy your blogs and looking forward to reading your novel in the near future:) (I’m reading another one at the moment). I’m also a young writer and if you don’t mind I may like to pick your brain now and then since there’s so much to learn in this field:) Have a good one.


  25. Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and I am trying to raise awareness about abuse, and help people who have dealt with and are going through abuse. I’m a brand new blogger, so any tips or tricks, or constructive recommendations are welcome. I have really enjoyed reading all of your all’s blogs, and thank you Fractured Faith Blog for this opportunity to get to know one another.

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  26. Hi! I’m Joanie. On my blog “Authentic Reflections” I share a daily reflection about something Im “untangling” that day. I’m new here – just been posting two months, and trying to figure it all out. Loving this blog and how supportive and “authentic” you are. Thank you!


  27. Hello Everyone!!
    My name is LaTonya and I’m a Professional Truck Driver in the U.S. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years and finally did it this year😁 My blog is about books and anything literary news worthy. I’m still learning about blogging and vlogging, but loving every minute of it!
    Hope everyone has an awesome day/night!!😁

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  28. Hi! I hesitated to comment the other day, because my blogs have been lying fallow for some time now. 🙂 I started following you maybe a year ago, after you followed one of my blogs or maybe liked one of my posts, I don’t remember.

    Anyway, I have two blogs, one personal ( and one religious ( The religious one is a discovery blog, where I’m working through some stuff with past church preconceptions and getting to a better place spiritually. The personal one is a mixed bag, heh. I’m currently resurrecting the personal one, and will be working on the religious one in time.

    I enjoy your honest posts. Thanks for inviting comments here, and reminding us that WordPress is a social media site where we can make friends. I forget about that, sometimes. 🙂


  29. Thanks for your invitation to say, ‘Hello,’ and enjoy a bit of online community. I’m Celia, a retired social worker in Texas, where I live with my husband and near enough to my kids and 2 new granddaughters to get to see them often. I blog at on WordPress, where I post short musings and meditations. Good to meet you all.


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