Would Jesus Vote For Trump?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Californian megachurch, Bethel Ministries, of late. Firstly the young daughter of one of their worship leaders died suddenly, an unspeakable tragedy for any parent to undergo. The mother of the young girl posted on Instagram asking for prayer that her little girl be resurrected, a call that was supported by the Bethel leadership. This elicited much debate within the online Christian community.

Many supported the post, stating that as Christians, they believed in the power of resurrection. Others were more cynical, some going as far as saying the church was exploiting the grief of the young girl’s family to gain publicity. There was also the issue of an account being set up to raise $100,000 for the family by Bethel, although the specific needs in question were not clarified.

Next was an article in Christianity today by one of its senior journalists condemning the Trump presidency and those Christians who supported it. He called such people ‘far right’ evangelicals who were supporting a corrupt and uncaring leadership. In an open letter to the influential publication, 200 leading American evangelicals affirmed their support of the Trump leadership, it’s policies and what it had achieved to date.

Signatories included Brian and Jenn Johnson, two stalwarts of the global Bethel Worship ministry and Kris Valloton, Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church. The latter has also attracted criticism for posting pictures online of his expensive car after a key was run up the side of it. He has been accused of being a ‘false prophet,’ more interested in riches of the material, as opposed to eternal, kind.

I’m just throwing this out there. I’ve listened to Bethel Music in the past. It’s slick, professional and of the highest quality; although not the musical genre I would usually lean towards I know it has led millions to a closer relationship with Jesus. I’ve also listened to Bethel preachers and there was nothing they said which convinced me they were evil, money grabbing charlatans only interested in conning me out of my my hard earned cash.

I haven’t picked up my Bible in a while but have felt a stronger urge to do so of late. Jesus raised people from the dead but there were also many he didn’t bring back to life. Does the child of a worship leader have more ‘right’ to be resurrected than anyone else? Clearly not as the prayers of Bethel and many others sadly went unanswered. Why did God choose to take this two year old girl away? Why does God choose to take any two year old child away?

Then there’s dear old Donald J. Trump. Why did so many American Christians vote for him. Were they deceived or, if he stands for office again, are they going to endorse his candidacy once more? Who are these silent majority who swept him to power. Are his policies on immigrants, health, education and world affairs truly aligned with Biblical teaching. Would Jesus vote for Trump? Or Hilary? Would he trash the polling booths or be too busy helping the homeless on the streets to care.

I don’t have the answers. Northern Ireland hasn’t had an assembly in over three years. Our main political parties take hypocrisy to a whole new level and couldn’t agree on the colour of the sun. Boris Johnson won the recent general ejections by a huge majority, leaving many scratching their heads in disbelief. Boris & Donald like each other. A lot. There’s that silent majority again. Don’t be silent. Post your comments below.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

43 thoughts on “Would Jesus Vote For Trump?

  1. Good thought provoking post. And I am glad to hear that all of this has you picking up a Bible. That’s an answered prayer right there. As for Trump, what are the sources of your opinions? Mainstream media has never said a nice word about him. How about results? Best economy in years, best unemployment in years across all categories, net exporter of oil for the first time in ever. Just how is he not being Biblical about any of what you mentioned?

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    1. Where in the Bible does it say Jesus died for a good economy, good unemployment etc? I’m not against our economy doing well, but to base it somehow as a Biblical/Christian thing is so wrong. Jesus’ message was about things much more important than material wealth. I am afraid we have sold our souls for a good economy. Trump has given us a good economy so we look the other way when he lies, calls people names, mocks his opponents. Many of the evangelicals supporting him now and excusing his immoral behaviors were the very ones calling for Clinton’s impeachment because of his immoral actions.


  2. I don’t know that Jesus would have voted for anybody. Because truthfully Jesus promoted God above all. And why would anyone put a human man (or woman) in charge for any reason when God should be leading the way?

    If we all stood up and followed a better way of living, then we don’t need leaders to tell us how to live life. Being good, taking care of others, it goes without direction.

    Corruption and disregard for humanity needs leaders and politicians and governments to make sure that things go the way they are supposed to.

    As for God, His Will always is done. I guess I find myself not caring who the modern leaders are because they are just as broken as the leaders who hung Christ on a Cross. I’ve stopped putting my faith in that of man to be better and started trusting God to know what He is doing even when everything looks a mess.

    It feels as though we are in end times. Everything is a play that is demonstrating the lessons humanity has failed to learn. Trump is nothing more than the pimple of society that needed popped. He is representative of all the problems with how we choose to be as people and cover up those inadequacies with money and power. In my mind he was always meant to be chosen for President because in all the choices he was the ugliest person just like America. He had to come to be leader so America could see just how broken she has been for a long time.

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  3. Interesting and provocative post. I can say without hesitancy that Jesus would NOT vote for Trump. And I’ll also say that he wouldn’t enter the doors of many of the houses of worship today as they’re occupied by flawed prophets. The decline in membership has more to do with the practices and hypocrisy shown regularly than with any unsubstantiated war against Christianity. We’re given the power of discernment…we should use it.

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  4. I’m glad you sharpened your stick before poking the bear. Such a provocative title is almost click-bait. I can’t speak for others but I felt the choices led to selecting the lesser of the two evils. I really don’t involve myself in politics as a general practice. I’m not sure why a good person would jump into that arena right now. Sounds like similar dysfunctions on both sides of the pond. Are Boris and Donald really good friends or do they just hang out at the same barber shop?

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  5. There is a shift in democracies to authoritarian, right-wing politics, in the mistaken belief that these people are somehow going to help the rank and file. It never happens. They are uninterested. This progression inevitably leads to one outcome. We’ve seen it before in other autocracies. The majority suffer, the rich and corporations do well, and caring and concern and citizenship evaporate in the desperate search people suddenly embrace to “get theirs”. It is a problem and I worry about the fate of the developed world.


  6. Would God vote for Donald Trump? What a Question! Two scripture portions of value here. First, “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore he who resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.” (Romans 13:1, 2) This does not mean there are no evil governments. They will all answer to God one day. Second, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 14:24)
    It is true that the news media in America is now as corrupt as Washington. The Democrat Party is the Party of slavery. This is well documented in history. The lie began during the Great Depression when they wanted to look good to black Americans. Linden Johnson, the author of The Great Society, wanted to destroyed black America by robbing them of human dignity. He voted for lynch laws when he was a senator. He didn’t use the word he VOTED for them.
    At best, MOST RepublicanS are complicit about the state of things, they want the money, fame, and power that comes from their office.
    Donald Trump is an outsider. You as if God would vote for him? Why would God take a child, and why not raise him from the dead? Donald Trump has been the most pro life president. Abortion has claimed the lives of 18 MILLION black lives. 61,862,787 lives just in America, at the time of my writing this response. Would you like to know world-side? Questioning God for taking the lives of sinful people, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23, is not wise. That God sacrificed His Son so that anyone might be saved is much harder to answer.
    Anyone who stands in the way of abortion is in a manner of speaking resurrecting people from the dead and stopping one of the most hanus sins of our day. For this, Donald Trump is criticized. Really? People need to stop focuses on what he tweets in response to country-wide lies about his presidency, and they need to start focusing on his policies.
    Donald Trump is funneling money into the inner cities so that those who are on welfare as if they can’t work for themselves can regain the human dignity of being a productive part of society. Those who started the welfare system are seeking to control the people and remain dependent upon them. They care nothing for the people but only give hard-working American tax dollars for their own power. The Christian ethic says that all people were created equal and given unalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    I hope you don’t take any of this as if I am attacking you because I am not. However, I would not listen too hard to the American mainline News media. They are in bed with those seeking to turn democracy in America, even though they don’t realize it, and turn it into tyranny.

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  7. A long time ago I was told a story by a minister about a church choir. There was a very important archbishop visiting the church on the feast day of the church. The leaders of this church decided that they would pay for a professional choir to sing at the big celebration service in front of the archbishop because unfortunately the regular choir, which consisted of church attendees from the local community, was tone deaf.

    When the day of the service arrived the professional choir sung the archbishop seemed very pleased at the beautiful sound of proffessional singers. Then at the most sacred part of the service, when the church was silent and heavy with prayer, a loud voice was heard “where’s the beautiful sweet sound of the choir who sings here week after week praising My glory?”

    After the service nobody could say where this voice had come from.

    I don’t know who Jesus would vote for. I think He’d be switched on enough not to trash a few polling stations. I reckon he would probably cut down on his work with the disposed, oppressed, poor in spirit, lonely, grieving and leave the criminals, addicts and prostitutes he spends His time with to tell as many who will listen that majority ruling is not working and there needs to be a framework/way where everyone can agree and have a real input. Decisions by concensious unanimous agreement.

    I reckon Jesus would say forget your ridgid political ideologies and take every situation as different using discernment, wisdom and compassion to find a solution.

    Reckon He would also say quite clearly that it’s the Lords will not means will that matters.

    Just my opinion.


  8. First point-we have the electoral college, an antiquated system based on racism. More people voted for Clinton. At least up front she has good character. Trump is and always was a crook and a scoundrel. He is a very gifted charlatan. Jesus would not have voted for him. If you get Netflix and UK has rights to watch the short series “The Family” I invite you to watch it. Very slick and scary how religion was used to get power.

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    1. The Great Awakening took place from 1740-1770. It was a time of true revival, ordained by God, and confirmed by a nation being rocked from wickedness to a higher level of morality. Perfection no but a clear movement up. This is the evidence of true revival. One of the results was our form of government. We have seen a decline in our culture ever since. There have been ups and downs but many more downs. Since the ’60s marriage has been scrapped along with the home, parental responsibility, work ethic, and religion. Every form of our government was well thought out, it has a purpose and it considers all the people. The socialist agenda is to take control of our country and lead by a ruling class. If middle America is left out that can happen. The socialists on the coast cannot call all the shots. The voting system is to secure middle America. How would you like your vote not to count? Leave the system alone, our leaders do not have the character and integrity of our founders. and they should not change any of our form of government. They should not change how we vote and certainly not the constitution. If they do, say goodbye to your freedom. You won’t like the result.


        1. You might want to check out Larry Elder, Star Parker, Candice Owens, and a host of men and women who understand the black community and the fraud that the Democrats have perpetrated on the same. You can find them on youtube. Don’t just mark them off the list without giving them a fair hearing.


  9. Does it matter? If Jesus has not already instilled in those of us who will vote a moral compass, a guide to living as the Gospels have directed, then Jesus’ vote really doesn’t matter, does it? We have unhearing ears, blinded eyes, and hardened hearts.

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  10. I can tell you confidently that not everyone who voted for Trump is crazy about him as a person. But when there are only two people running that have any chance of winning, you have to decide which is the “lesser of two evils.” Some people in their self-righteous indignation refuse to vote.
    The way I see it, not voting for the lesser of two evils is allowing a vote foe the greater of two evils to go unchallenged.
    As the “salt of the earth,” we are called to be a preservative. We can’t stop corruption absolutely, but we can slow it down as much as is in our power. If the choice is between someone who is rude and obnoxious and believes killing babies is wrong, and someone who brazenly states that it’s perfectly OK to execute the innocent without a trial, I don’t see that we really have that much of a choice.

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  11. I don’t think Jesus would have voted for either. I opposed Trumps character. He fits the clinical definition of narcissism. The evangelicals support him because he opposes abortion. I have said to friends that his reason for wanting to be president is about power. No amount of money can buy such a power.

    The thing is you have to look at the whole character of a person – ie. If you find yourself in a certain organized crime neighborhood, people will give mixed reactions of love or fear to the boss – those who benefit from his generosity and the others who know his brutality.

    The other thing is people will always follow any leader no matter what they do – it’s about belief and wanting to be on the right side. THere are still people who believe in Ghandi as there are people who still idolize Hitler.

    God sees the heart much clearer than any if us. Christians have to use the Bible to see if someone is following Christ or other.

    Don’t underestimate the influence and addiction of gaining and keeping power (not Christ) within the evangelical community.

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  12. A few of the comments here are why I’ve hesitated to talk politics in my own blog. This despite wanting to write about the impeachment circus for a while. Would Jesus vote for Trump? I doubt he’d vote for ANY politician nowadays. Elections seem to come down to a choice between the lesser of two evils anymore. Trump is definitely a flawed person. He’s a narcissist and the worst communicator I’ve ever seen in my life, almost too bad to be real. Ineffective as a President though? We have the lowest unemployment in the US since WW2. Lowest ever for black Americans. He’s been the first president willing to tell North Korea “no more”. Like all of us, there’s good and bad in him.

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  13. I like some of Bethel’s music; there are some songs I have issues with. I saw people calling them a cult and freaking out about when they posted about the little girl. I think it’s more important to remember that God is the one in control: God did not bring the little girl back. What worries people is that Bethel often attributes this to a lack of faith, or belief. You didn’t have enough faith, or perhaps there was a secret sin in your life hindering the full power of your faith, and that’s why the miracle didn’t occur. Clearly that’s unbiblical and where people find Bethel to be a cult.

    I voted for Trump last time. In no way shape or form have I ever thought him to be a Christian leader. I have never believed him to be “appointed by God” except that all things happen as determined by God; ergo if Clinton had been elected, that would have been determined by God as well. I had my reasons for not wanting Clinton. I sincerely hope there is a genuine challenger to Trump next time, but I doubt it. I’m not in the Warren or Sanders camp, and I’m not a die hard Republican.

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  14. I really don’t believe President Trump likes Boris all too much! He was not thrilled when he was made fun of by him at the United Nations meeting recently and he is a bit sensitive, as everyone knows! So, what would Jesus do? Hmmm…let me think. Okay, I have no idea! Sometimes in life we must choose the lesser of two evils, right? As an American it is my duty and honor to vote. I must make the best choice for my country at the present time, with the candidates who are up for office. Would Jesus vote for Hillary? Only if she were going to the lake of fire! Seriously, nobody in America likes Hillary Clinton. She is reckless and loves communism. Trump won. American people have spoken and will speak again in 2020. I have no doubt that President Trump will win by a landslide. The Democrats simply don’t have a proper candidate to vote for and Americans need to feel protected and valued. I feel safe under President Trump, regardless of religious or global affiliations. My paycheck improved. The economy is booming. We are far from finished draining the swamp here in America, but we are well on our way. I am proud to be an American. I know Trump is a narcissistic billionaire but he is doing all he promised America. That is all I really care about. My voice is long, and I hide my political views for obvious reasons. Here I am, taking a big chance to tell you how I went from a never Trumper, to a walkway gal. I did this when he signed the first bill to stop the trafficking of human beings, on his first day in prison. That is the moment that Donald J Trump won my vote! Please don’t crucify me for being honest.


      1. You are welcome. I don’t want to offend anyone… so the don’t crucify me wasn’t aimed at you. I read that back and it did not sound good at all. Sorry if that came across wrong. What an amazing discussion!


  15. Would Jesus vote for abortion is a much more crucial question? Thanks be to the Lord that he is using a man to bring some good to the world. Nor to your question about immigrants. President Trump is not against immigrants; he is against immigrants who come here illegally.

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  16. I can see where Christians might think Trump was a better choice than Clinton because of his stands against abortion and for more religious freedom. (This is where I stood in 2016 so I voted for him.) I can understand why they might vote for him. I can even understand why they might think he was placed in office by God in the sense that God is in control and the Bible shows where God often used evil men to fulfill his plans. BUT I cannot understand how evangelicals have embraced him – not as the lesser of two evils – but as some great man anointed of God. His arrogance, his name calling of his opponents when compared to Jesus stands in stark contrast to what Christianity is supposed to be about. It would be one thing for Christians to say we don’t approve of much about Trump but he is better than those who would promote abortion and other Christian basic beliefs. But I am actually heart sick to see how they are embracing him even to the point of calling him “anointed’ of God. I think the election in 2020 may be the first one I will not participate in. I am afraid the church has sold itself out thinking if Trump gets enough conservative judges appointed we can make laws that will make us “Christian.” The Israelites had the law – but the whole point of Jesus coming was that laws cannot make one right with God. We can make laws that protect the Christian viewpoint – but we cannot make our nation Christian by laws. I wish we would return to looking to Jesus as the answer for our nation rather than Trump. I fear for my country!

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    1. Agreed. You cannot baptise and institution. You cannot make a country, business, or system Christian. If your emphasis is on Christianizing a country through law and not heart, then you have deviated from Jesus’ model of bringing in the Kingdom. That being said, how Jesus would vote is hard to peg. He didn’t live in a world where voting mattered anymore (and wouldn’t have been able to vote even when it had), but a world of emperors who won through political maneuvering and bloodline claims. It was a world that was permissive of infanticide, divorce, suppression, slavery, and a large number of immoralities, but also built impressive infrastructure, fostered a lot of cultural exchange, and sustained the Pax Romana. His only comment upon it was “give Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s…” and a pretty strong pattern of speaking against institutions and money on the whole. Jesus is clear that power should not be found in money, in status, in confidence, yet our Christians here are embracing such power with alarming affirmations of those qualities.

      I work with a family of legally documented immigrants, Muslims who won the Diversity Lottery for greencards. They came into this country excited for opportunity and also a little unprepared – much like any pilgrim or covered-wagoner in American history. Of course, they got here and found our country has a pretty expensive buy-in. You need a car to navigate our infrastructure and seek your living. You need insurance for that car, and a lot of money to maintain it. You need health insurance to get any kind of medical care without hollowing out your earnings. You need college degrees (with international ones usually rendered invalid) to find jobs that provide livable income. And the clincher is that on top of this buy-in, they face a lot of hostility created by the dialogue surrounding our laws about immigrants. They are legal, but their unpreparedness (again, a fine American tradition when you remember the Thanksgiving narratives and the skeletons along our wagon trails) has put them into a position of needing help. Despite their legality, the dialogue towards them is extremely indifferent and hostile. Our laws are hardening our hearts, and our lawmakers (particularly Trump, who sets the bar of shame so low that others are enabled to be equally shameless) are applying the heat.

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  17. Jesus was not political. His focus was on God, God, God and on how to bring humanity up higher and closer to God. He loved people equally, but would do anything he could to help them to know God better. Sometimes that meant yelling at them or overturning their tables. Other times that meant remaining completely silent in the face of their accusations or questions. Sometimes even those close to him needed some correction. Truly an example for us all.

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