Why Did God Create Covidiots?

This pandemic has certainly brought out the best and worst in humanity. There have been incredible displays of bravery, kindness and selflessness. Communities have come together as never before, neighbours helping each other when previously they were barely on nodding terms. We have become more considerate and caring. Rifts have been sealed, feuds forgotten and broken bridges repaired. It has been a time of reconciliation and forgiveness for many.

The flip side of the coin has been less edifying. Incredible selfishness as some flaunt lockdowns, caring only for their own base needs as opposed to the greater good. Those who are more interested in getting a haircut or some other trivial desire when our intensive care units are overflowing. They cannot see beyond the end of their own narcissistic noses. I see these people for who they are and have little time for them anymore.

These people have hard hearts and soft minds. Why? I struggle to understand the rationale and logic of such individuals. Were they created this way or have a number of psychological and environmental factors contributed to such an arid mindset? In the Bible, God says he hardens the hearts of some people in order to fulfil his greater plan. Yet, that flies in the face of man being given freewill, the ability to choose between good and evil.

Don’t you just love Biblical contradictions. Would Pharoah have acceded to the demands of Moses and the Israelites been freed long before the culmination of the ten plagues, if he had been allowed a more malleable heart? Are the Co-vidiots as they are referred to, instruments of a God trying to teach the planet a lesson? Confused? I am. Am I bad? Or have I been made bad in order to better light up the good in the world?

So many questions…

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

40 thoughts on “Why Did God Create Covidiots?

  1. To answer your headline question, Yes. Yes God did create Covidiots. God created every living thing. God created them – just like the rest of us – with the freedom to collaborate with God or utterly ignore God. I believe God would prefer us each to look out for the well-being of one another, but some idiots choose to ignore God’s preferences, instead following their own self-centered whims.

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  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head – there are (thankfully many) good people out there who go above and beyond the call of duty and we should rightly applaud and thank them; quite a few who are perhaps indifferent and just go with the flow but, sadly, far too many idiots who care not for anyone else but themselves. Whether there is a God or not, I hope that last category get their comeuppance and very soon. After all it’s not that difficult to keep 2m away from someone is it or, for that matter, to take your rubbish home or stay away from tourist hot-spots?


  3. God gave us free will – so it isn’t God that made Covidiots – they made themselves by choosing to not follow God’s commandments to love thy neighbor as thyself. They seemed to have missed a few words and just love themselves. God wants us to freely follow Him (or Her or Them, however you wish to identify your God) and to chose LOVE; we are not forced to chose LOVE – that’s where our free will comes in. So you were not “made” bad, however if you chose to not listen and follow God’s commandments, then your own free will/your own choices could be deemed as being bad. *The other part to remember is that we can also turn back to being good – we just have to choose to do the good that God has commanded us to do. So there might still be hope for the Covidiots if they chose to be less selfish. Sending you and your family hugs during these troubling times….

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  4. Hey Stephen – great questions. I can’t answer why people do what they do, and I don’t fully understand a mysterious God. However, here’s what I believe about our free will. I believe Pharoah had the free will to do what he wanted to do. God, because He knows everything past and future, knew what Pharoah would choose. If Pharoah was going to choose anyway, God “hardened” his heart by either “decreeing” it to be hard (would have happened anyway in the end), or “allowed” it to be hard. I don’t understand and never will. His ways are higher than our ways. I do not believe anyone is made bad to better light up the good in the world. Another however… the Bible tells us none is good, no not one. The way we become as if we were good is forgiveness of our sins through faith in Jesus. Thanks for throwing your thoughts out for us. Always keeps me pondering.

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  5. I think God allows us to choose and then if we persist in doing the wrong thing(s), it just gets worse. As he’s omniscient, I’m guessing this plays a role in Him deciding when He does this, too. It’s an interesting thing to think about.

    Feeling your frustration. We’ve been running errands today and so many naked faces (as in no masks). Lots of protests going on here, too.

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  6. We are interesting creations indeed. I understand your thoughts. Without sounding too simplistic, many have heart “conditions” that can only be addressed through a direct relationship with God. The path is narrow, we know. And for those of us on the path, of anything, the blatant acts of hate and disrespect might cause us to doubt what we know. I’m leaning on my faith and facts. I know I’m to love others ~even those who think only of themselves ~and it’s frustrating. I’m embarrassed by the lack of compassion, care, thoughtfulness, and kindness seen in so many ways. And then I’m so encouraged by the love, kindness, and respect from those that have the courage to act upon their beliefs in a Christlike manner. God made us all. We all have a choice. The hardest of hearts. The softest of hearts. I’m happy with my choices. Everyone of us will have a day to explain ourselves. I know where I’ll be. 💚


  7. I think some people don’t wake up to the seriousness of an issue until it touches them personally. People may think the area they live in is safe….until their house is burgled. Or that everyone in their club is friendly….until someone is charged with abuse or corruption.

    In some ways that has been the same with the …you know. For those who have not been ill or don’t have vulnerable family….it might all seem like an inconvenience.

    I think obedience is such a beautiful quality, when people obey and make sacrifices out of love and concern for everyone’s safety…they show they are real goodans!

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  8. I find myself asking many of the same questions. I had felt that the world had gotten too busy, people made being busy a priority and God said, no- you must stop, you must rest, you must refocus. I am worried about all of the unrest, but I know that in order for good to show through, we must go through darkness. I trust God. He’s already seen how this will play out. But I am also human. I cry daily over the pain that I see on the news and in my Twitter feed.

    Thank you for your post. Please keep seeking.


  9. As time passes, people are choosing to forget that a contagious virus is still running amuck. This is even more so if they have never been affected. Out of sight is also out of mind.


  10. A question for your question…not to argue but to consider…in a Don Winslow novel featuring a female cartel boss, the boss keeps thinking “men teach us how they want to be treated.” Our free will when used for selfish gain can be extremely wicked, with only extreme and harsh conditions taming such when occurring on a large population scale level (ie think the fall of the Aztecs). Even when tamed somewhat it’s never exterminated as we are human. Is it possible that pharaoh already had a hard heart to begin with, so such was utilized and blinded further to accomplish the exodus? Could everything be a paved road of ease if there was a God…sure. How do we act though as a group when we live in comfort and ease? What do we do with that life of wealth and ease? Not hard to find plenty of examples….


  11. I was at a small farm market today where the owners “require” everyone to wear gloves (they provide them outside on a table) and a mask before entering. Today, a man and woman walked in together without masks, although they did have the gloves on, and they didn’t social distance from anyone. They were dressed in expensive clothing, and later, I saw they drove an $80,000 vehicle. I can’t know for sure, but my guess is that these covidiots follow/worship the “teachings” of Trump, a contagion that runs rampant in my country, sadly. He has no regard for other human beings, so why should they? Besides, it’s all a hoax anyway, right? Just the flu, right? I wanted to take off my mask and cough all over them, but then, I would be just like them and I refuse to be that way. I’d rather be an example of how not to be a jerk.

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  12. I try my best to follow the guidelines despite having low vision. It’s the people that don’t follow the guidelines that spread the virus. Very sad time indeed.
    By the way, I love your website I can access it very easily with my screen reader. 🙂


  13. Interesting about Pharaoh, and I didn’t know this. There were a number of times he hardened his heart of his own choice before God hardened his heart. Never caught that before.

    I don’t think it’s so much a contradiction when we consider God knows the heart of man. He did harden Pharaoh’s heart later, but we do see Pharaoh choosing to harden his own heart of his own accord prior.


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