I Needed To Hear That

I’ve been a bit hit and miss with my blog posts in recent months. I’ve been focused on editing and publishing my second book and starting to write the third instalment. Blogging has taken a back seat at times and I’ve got out of the habit of posting on a daily basis. You could argue also that, after three years of consistent blogging, I was entitled to the odd day off here and there. I was putting myself first and prioritising competing demands.

During this period I’ve also noted a number of fellow bloggers dropping off the scene. I’ve lost touch with some, whereas others seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. I’m not aware of their personal circumstances and it’s entirely their decision but it’s been sad to see some familiar faces slipping away. Blogging can be a lonely and frustrating experience without the support of, and interaction with, your peers.

What has struck me in recent days, though, is the number of people who have commented on how much they enjoy my posts and look forward to reading them. Others say they are motivated and inspired, that they ‘needed to hear’ what I’ve had to say. I realised the blog isn’t just about me but the community that has built up around it. Especially during these troubling times, the blogosphere is a place of safety which we can retire to, our sanctuary from a troubled world.

This support has encouraged and humbled me. Blogging is where my writing career began and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity it gave me to flex my creative muscles. Fellow bloggers gave me the confidence to pursue my dream to become an author. Thank you to those of you have posted such kind and supportive comments in recent days. You have inspired me to blog more regularly. I needed to hear that.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

43 thoughts on “I Needed To Hear That

  1. Not everyone hits the like button Stephen, but be assured many read your daily blogs -they are always inspirational and helpful. For a writer like myself who is currently writing a novel and only posting poems about once a week, hearing your ‘voice’ daily is a welcome communication -incidentally I’ve been impressed with the Potters Grove press website and may well talk with them -wouldn’t have known about them had I not read your blog. I’ve a stack of reading yet to do but when that’s done I’ll buy your book.

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  2. Quality wins over quantity every time. Those who read your blog Steven have ben blessed that the quality never drops off be it daily or weekly that you write.
    PS: Betsy finished New Jerusalem and raves about it!

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  3. So….I did need to hear this today. I’m a baby blogger. Your posts do resonate with me. We’d all agree 2020 has brought about unforeseen changes. My prayers for all my blogging friends and to this community in which I fit. Hopefully blogging will lead to one day publishing for me. If not, I’m still being sharpened through this process and have found lots of encouragement! Be blessed and keep up the wonderful gift!

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  4. There is a sense of togetherness in WP unlike other social media venues. I always appreciate the feedback I get, and I try hard to comment as much as I can on other’s. That is how friendships begin to build. A unity within, and I love waking knowing I can get on here and be uplifted. Great share, how encouraging knowing this forum gave you the push to do what your heart desired! That is amazing. God works in mysterious ways! Have a blessed day! 💜 Lisa

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  5. Love what I have read so far on your blog!!! I can’t wait to read more. And I can totally relate to blogging being a lonely experience, but I am trying to keep the faith because I have only just started!! Keep up the good work and Congrats on the new book!!!

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  6. I have always enjoyed your posts and cheer on each successive step you make. Our blogging community has been such a source of support and strength for me as well. I am so grateful to the people who read my blog and leave a comment. I do my best to do likewise. Have a wonderful week and happy writing!

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  7. It’s ok to take a break and re prioritize! All of our lives should be changing each season and we need to allow ourselves the room and time for growth! Even just the smallest check in can go along way in the blogsphere! Good luck on your next book🙏🏼

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  8. You inspire me and bring a smile to my face everyday I get on here and see you are still doing so well. You were such a breath of strength in my early days of blogging, and interacting with you is a definite blessing. I’m trying to pick up the pace again—having a heck of a time wrapping my heart and head around my life lately. Sending love 🥰

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  9. I often think about fellow bloggers who I haven’t seen in a while. Often times, the blog is the only means of contact with them and it makes me sad. Maybe it is because I have had times where I was unable to blog and could have used the support.

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  10. I don’t write enough posts. I know I need to ramp it up. I am curious though your writing daily. Has that helped you to get the 12,978 followers?

    I don’t see any new post on WordPress though I get your email. Do you post to both or just your emails now?

    I hope you are blessed.

    Thank you, Karen Carnahan Author

    Thank you, Karen Carnahan Author http://www.KarenCarnahan.com


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  11. Words for everyone: we have immense power within us, because ‘no one is a better you than you’.

    This is one of the most wonderful things we can ever learn about ourselves, and each other. 😊

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  12. Don’t ever feel bad for taking care of yourself and your bigger projects. You are not the only one who has lost a few followers. I haven’t posted in a while and I saw my numbers drop too. Just pick up your blogging when you are ready and your numbers will come back in time. Keep writing. I believe in you.


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