COVID-19 In Northern Ireland

As expected, new COVID-19 restrictions were announced in Northern Ireland yesterday in an effort to combat the rising infection rates. On Wednesday, over 1200 people tested positive, a record high. This time last month we were averaging around 120 a month. Tragically, four people also died taking the death total in our little country to 602. There are over 160 people currently in hospital and we are running out of ICU beds to treat the very ill.

So, from this Friday, all schools will close for an extended half term break. Bars and restaurants will only be allowed to provide a takeaway service and all sports, bar at elite level, are to stop. Supermarkets and off licenses are not allowed to serve alcohol after 20:00 hours. We are to work from home where possible and only undertake essential journeys. Our government will review the continued necessity of these restrictions in four weeks time.

I’ve went from frustration to anger to reluctant acceptance of these measures. In recent weeks I’ve watched a lot of people breaking the guidelines, while other ‘keyboard warriors’ spout nonsense about government control, conspiracy theories and hoax pandemics. All because they can’t sit in their mates house and drink themselves unconscious every weekend. They are the Covidiots and some of their grammar and punctuation leaves a lot to be desired.

This week, though, I’ve seen how easily the virus is spread as a number of people I know have tested positive. Decent law abiding folk who have followed all the guidelines and done their very best to protect themselves and others. Which was shocking but also brought home to me how important it is to do everything we can as individuals and as a society to beat this virus. Stay safe wherever you are and please follow your guidelines. Compliance will save lives.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

46 thoughts on “COVID-19 In Northern Ireland

  1. I am sorry for what is happening in Northern Ireland. Cases are rising rapudly in our town too, but at the moment we are not in the most restrictive tier, it is ibdeed frughtening and frustrating, i tokvdeel the anger, ivdeel upset at those who flout the rulesm declaring this to be a jhoax. I hate how the opening of oubs and restaurants etc has orobably led to this oresent situation when ine time we had it under cintrol. Inhate how we cannot do that normak human and much needed thing if hugging people. We can only pray now, that these measures wirk. What a hirrific thung tinhave befallen iyr world. Much love to your family. Stay strong. I am nit!

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  2. Friends of mine follow the guidelines diligently (ex-NHS nurse). All the family caught a cold whilst taking a staycation. Following all guidelines etc. So it shows that these coronavirus’s are hard to stop even with protection.


  3. Incredibly tough times right now. Things are so confusing and it’s hard to know where to look and how to act. I worry that we’re trading one problem for another by pushing thousands of people below the breadline as the economy folds, rendering families homeless and increasing the stress that often predicates domestic violence. We’re measuring our Coronavirus numbers but the situation is more complex than that. I would hate to be one of the decision makers in all of this. It must be horrendous having to balance the fates of so many – especially when most of the things we’re trying to figure out are unseen and unpredictable. Thanks for the post and the chance to think more about all that’s going on.

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      1. Absolutely! There are just too many variables to consider. I guess all we can do is make an effort to consider the greater good and look out for each other.

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  4. We got the same set of measures starting yesterday here on the Dutch side of the pond and I am of exactly the same mind. Reluctant, but in acceptance and compliance.
    It’ll have to end. Sooner rather than later. I hope.

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  5. Hope the measures are effective and you guys ride it out to safety quickly.

    We’re probably some way off a second wave in South Africa, but if it does come, hopefully our restrictions will be as reasonable as yours. Our initial restrictions back in March were some of the harshest in the world, and it really damaged our psyche – let alone the economy.

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  6. Cases are rising here too my friend. I found out last night I tested negative! I’ll never understand the selfishness of those spouting their “rights” without one thought of another human. I would feel terribly guilty if I passed it on to someone else. Why can’t we all do our part? But that just wouldn’t match with any of history. We’re human. And some just intend to make it messy so I can lean even further on faith. At least I’m confident in how it all ends. 💚 stay safe my friend!

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    1. OMG, I totally agree with you. I’m sick and tired of careless people wailing about their “rights.” Rights come with responsibilities. Another person’s rights end where mine begin. If someone can’t exercise their rights without infringing on others’ rights, then they deserve more crackdowns on their so-called freedoms. Stay safe, everyone!

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  7. Sending positive vibes and hugs. I’m in one of the “hotspots” in Canada and our province rolled back to the previous phase which means more restrictions in place and businesses are shut down. I’ve accepted it because our ICUs are reaching compacity and I want to do my part. But like you, I’m so tired and frustrated. I think it’s the fatigue of following the guidelines, fear of doing one thing wrong and catching it, the constant surveillance and the 24/7 news reports. We’re all in this together and you’re not alone. Be safe my friend and try to find a happy place with things get tough.

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  8. So it’s not just in the U.S. where things are running amok. One of the problems we have here, I think, is that we can’t seem to get any kind of clear consensus from our leaders. The President won’t mandate country wide regulations, so all of the individual states and municipalities are all doing their own thing. And, more than that, each individual business is doing their own thing because in some states (like where I live in South Carolina) the Republican Governor is also loathe to put out any kind of consistent policy. In fact, he has ordered all restaurants reopen at 100% capacity…solidarity with the Republican White House, I suppose. Beneath him, though, there is a divide. Some counties have mask mandates and some do not. Some restaurants have opened their dining rooms, some have not. It is such a mess.

    Many more people are wearing masks here than before, so that’s something. In SC, our numbers seem to have dropped, both infection and death rates. I certainly get people’s frustration levels, but if we can’t take care of each other, what kind of society do we have? It’s sad, really.

    Take care and know that you aren’t alone.

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    1. And in Manhattan it’s still masks for everyone, everywhere … occasionally out in the park people will pull them down. The school kids doing their sports are all wearing them too. But now as the weather is turning a little cooler, the restaurants are using their 25% indoor occupancy allowance. Will they be able to stay afloat? Who knows? What extraordinary times…

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  9. I live in a small city in Northern Alberta, Canada. Our town council just passed a bylaw mandating masks when there is 50 active cases and once the bylaw is enacted it will stay in place for 30 days, lifting if the number of cases is under 50 – we are now sitting at 23, down from 68 after labor day weekend. So, we’re relatively okay in comparison to other Canadian cities. The anti-maskers have come out waving their placards shouting about the right to choose. (Guess that also means the right to get sick, and perhaps die, trouble is you take innocent people down with you, in that case). Ontario and Quebec have seen a huge increase in numbers, Alberta has also seen increases. Two years or more of this to come? I don’t know when it will finally occur to people that maybe, just maybe they should follow regulations and protocols designed to keep EVERYONE safe.

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    1. It is the same in Saskatchewan. I wonder if the anti-maskers will be anti-medical assistance if they or their loved ones get Covid. I would not wish a severe case of this virus on anyone but I think we have an obligation to do our part in avoiding it and becoming a burden to our very limited health services here.

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  10. I’m just over the water in Liverpool. Myself and many friends think the NI ‘circuit breaker’ approach is much better than the bizarre restrictions we’ve been put under (a lot of the restrictions making absolutely no sense) – keep mentally and physically well! It will be over soon (it HAS to be!)


  11. I’m in a state in Australia which has been free from locally acquired cases for some time but another state is in complete lockdown. Thank you to everyone sharing, I’ve found it hard to find information about what is going on worldwide – thinking of all continuing to be affected, medical staff and decision makers


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