Good Morning From Northern Ireland

Good Morning from Northern Ireland. These are the words I always start my day with on Twitter so I thought, why not start doing the same on WordPress. It’s a great way to initiate conversations and create new online friendships. You get to meet folk from all corners of the world and learn more about their lives and cultures. I think it’s extra important in these troubling times to dig in and support each other as part of the blogging experience.

Where I live in our little village most people wouldn’t pass you without saying good morning or hello. When I’m out running I’m amazed by the number of cars which pass, whose drivers wave a greeting. I have no idea who many of them are but I always appreciate this friendly act. It doesn’t cost anything and takes a split second but means a lot to me as I plod a lonely furrow along the country roads. I won’t say it makes me run any quicker but it certainly helps.

I talk to some of you every day, others occasionally and many never at all. It’s very easy to hit the follow button but it takes a lot more to get involved in the blogging community and make a conscious effort to interact and engage. As a natural introvert I find this medium easier than standing in a room full of strangers. That’s where I struggle whereas online I feel more confident. The written, as opposed to spoken, word is where I’m at my most comfortable.

Maybe you could write a post yourself seeking similar contact with others, it’s up to you, but I’ll start the ball rolling. All you need do is reply to this post, telling me where you live and what your plans for the day are. It can be a couple of lines or a couple of paragraphs. I’ll be sure to reply and don’t be afraid to engage with other respondents as well. Who knows, you could meet your new best friend this way. Have a great day everyone and let’s get talking.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

72 thoughts on “Good Morning From Northern Ireland

  1. What a great thing to do, Stephen. It’s nearly evening here in Greenwood, Perth, Western Australia. However, my day was spent buying new plants for the patio and front step, letting the cats outside, listening to Phil Collins, answered some posts and did a bit of housework. Normally, I have a jam session Sunday afternoon, but we thought we should do some things around our respective homes 🙂 So, heading outside to do a bit more gardening and maybe twang away on the guitar as well – play something my wife will like!!!

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    1. Hi Sean,

      How wonderful that you live in Australia! Good choice of music.

      I have a collection of stuffed animals: koalas and kangaroos.I love to sing and am slowly learning to play the tin whistle and I have a flute patiently waiting for me to learn how to play it.

      Nice to meet you! *Waving from Texas*

      Tambra Nicole

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      1. Hello Tambra

        Nice to hear from you and to meet you.

        That’s great you have a collection of koalas and kangaroos. They are wonderful animals in real life. We see and encounter kangaroos all the time.

        Singing is a wonderful thing to do. The tin whistle has a great sound and learning the flute is something I thought about learning once upon a time.

        I managed to spend some time on our patio today, enjoying the nicer weather in between writing a range of reports 😊

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    2. Hi, Sean! I am in sunny California, USA. I am a great fan of Phil Collins, and of Genesis, too. I am also a musician. Just yesterday I recorded a video of myself singing “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight” for a virtual (recorded) concert our company (New Wrinkles) is planning. Cheers!

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      1. Phil is fabulous and so are Genesis and the other band members as soloists. James Taylor! Just the best and a great song too. Good on you for recording the video. I have duo happening. We are slowly building a play list, and having a lot of fun as we do it. The virtual concert sounds like a wonderful and fun idea. Enjoy!

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  2. Good morning to you Stephen and Good day Sean! I live in Weymouth on the South coast of England. I have a draft Decima that keeps winking at me … alongside the swathe of jobs to do, listed last night over supper! It’s cold and dreary here so the temptation to stay under the covers, with the cat neatly warming my feet is strikingly strong. Oh look another interesting post on Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday …. 🤗

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    1. Carole,

      How lucky you are to live by the Blue Ridge Mountains! We travelled to Tennessee when I was a child and I fell in love with the mountains. I cried when I had to leave them.

      We’re still waiting on Autumn in Texas. I’m wearing shorts and a tank top.

      Nice to meet you!

      Tambra Nicole


    2. Hello, Carol! Just yesterday I mentioned to my wife how I’d like to take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway and have lunch at Peaks of Otter. We lived in Forest, VA (near Lynchburg) for several years in the late 1990s. Enjoy the beautiful scenery a little extra for us, please!


  3. Hi there Stephen and to all who are commenting. This is a great idea. I live in a small village in the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park here in Scotland. People also stop to wave at each other from cars or say hello in person, it’s lovely. As for many here, it’s a dreary day outside where I am. My only plans so far are to call a friend at 12, another at 2, and to speak to my boyfriend at 4. Meanwhile I will do some housework and maybe try to draw some leaves or whatever I find outside that I might draw. I have been feeling down the last few days with depression and it seems like it was for no reason at all. Och well, as they say in these parts. Time for a cup of tea and to do the washing up. Nice to connect with you ☺️

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    1. Hello Anna – been a visiting Loch Lomond many a time. Tis so beautiful there. We (ex-hubby) took our black Labrador puppy there who found what we think is a rotting vole. He would NOT let it go until he slipped off the side of Luss pier in his exuberance. Despite the dunk, his breath still stunk and we had to drive back to Troon with him panting it down our necks!! Laura

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    2. A beautiful part of the world! My family is Glaswegian (although I was raised in Cape Town) so we visited often. It’s still one of my favourite places on earth. What a wonderful place to live. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with depression lately. The darkness catches me too sometimes. I hope it lifts for you soon. x

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    3. Hi Anna,

      You live right where my ancestors are from. Yep, Clan MacGregor. Sketching and watercolours always lift my spirits. When the weather is dreary that can affect my mood. Playing with my Cairn terrier, Smudge Alpin MacRuff and a nice cuppa can help.
      Hope you’re feeling better and have created some lovely sketches.

      Tambra Nicole

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  4. Good morning from Greensboro, North Carolina💜 It’s Sunday so I’ll be joining in on what’s turned out to be our weekly family Zoom call and today is the host’s (my first cousin in San Francisco) birthday, which should be fun. I’m doing a lot of reading and relaxing, working on a book discussion in one of my Goodreads groups. I also think it’s my turn for dinner so I’ve got to come up with some ideas😏

    Have an absolutely wonderful day!

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    1. Hello, Jonetta! We used to visit Greensboro fairly often when we lived in Lynchburg, VA. We even took our pug there for eye surgery because the best veterinary ophthalmologist was there; and sometimes we picked up friends who flew to Greensboro airport.

      I love the zoom family call idea!! I may have to implement that.

      I am also on Goodreads, but not a part of any groups there. I mostly just keep up my list of books I have finished reading.

      Have a great day!

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      1. Thank you for introducing yourself! I hope you’ll give the family Zoom call a try as it’s one of the highlights of my week.

        I got involved on Goodreads about ten years ago and have had the good fortune of greatly expanding my reading as a result. It literally changed my life at a time when I needed the diversion.
        I’m originally from Virginia (Hampton Roads area) and lived in Northern Virginia for many years before moving to Greensboro when I married.

        Have a wonderful day!


  5. Good morning from Fort Collins in northern Colorado. It is cold and dreary here today, which we are counting as a real blessing. That’s because we have a 175,000 acre wildfire burning right nearby and have been nothing but dry, dry, DRY the past month. Today Joan and I will be doing some church via Zoom and then finish up the task of emptying out our kitchen in preparation for a total remodel. Yay! And Yuck! When I have a relaxed moment later today I will be curling up with my recently arrived copy of a book you may be familiar with… “A New Jerusalem” by a promising young Northern Ireland author.

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  6. Good morning from Alberta, Canada. I also find it much easier and more comfortable to write rather than speak. I am not completely introverted (I don’t think many are), but I express myself much better in the written word. We had bad news yesterday. My aunt passed away and I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of never seeing her again – at least not on this plane of existence. She was not a blood relation, she married my uncle and they later divorced but she remained part of our family. So, I am sad today and coping with grief. I will be okay. Death, after all, is part of life.


  7. Good morning,

    I am Karen Carnahan. I live in a small town called Oyster Creek, Texas, which is actually apart of Freeport, Texas. Yep, only three miles from the beach. The good part is we are behind the levee for when the storms hit.

    Today, we plan to have a cookout with the neighbors we meet yesterday to get to know them a little better. They have a daughter who can play with our granddaughter. It’s great for them to have someone to play with so they can wear each other out.

    I am now trying to write a blog post a day to get more traffic to my site. So, far it has done well. The hardest part is figuring out what to write. Sometimes ideas flow smoothly. Then others I feel brain dead. I think I will try to incorporate some of my daily life into my blogging.

    Well, I am off to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Until next time. ??

    Thank you, Karen Carnahan Author


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    1. Hi Karen,

      I tried to reply yesterday but our internet went out. Again.
      Blogging everyday would drive me crazy. I blog once or twice a month on my blog and a bit more on my dog’s blog. We interview authors and their pets.
      If anyone is interested let me know.

      I’m in Liverpool, about 30 minutes from you. Pretty close for Texas. LOL I hope your cookout was fun So glad you lett a link, I’ll check out your website.

      Are you doing NaNo? I’ve just finished a skeleton synopsis for a Gaslamp Gothic YA novel.

      Tambra Nicole Kendall
      Writing YA and Middle Grade as Nikki Kendall


  8. Bit late to the post sorry so good afternoon instead. Up this morning to collect the food shopping then the afternoon over at my sons place helping him to decorate it. Now after a nice bath, Sunday dinner is in the oven and I’m relaxing for the evening.

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  9. Good morning from Cambridge, New Zealand. Monday, early start for work, we have a magazine photo shoot today, so will be a disrupted day, flat out during our equine breeding season (I work as a business manager for an equine reproduction company.) Yesterday was a long, but good day though. Got my small flock of 50 sheep crutched, drenched and culls marked for sale. Then up to the Bledisloe Cup rugby test with my two youngest, adult kids. Long day. Big sleep, which is a total rarity for me. Yasss.

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  10. I’m a bit late to the party but hello! This is such a lovely idea! I loved reading about where people are from and what they’re doing today. I’m in Essex and spent the day cycling with the kids, cooking roast lamb, and cleaning before we had “Family movie afternoon”. The kids chose Moana and we curled up together for the entire duration of the film – the kind of stillness that’s unheard of in our house. I loved it!
    I love the sound of your local area and the friendliness you enjoy there. Our immediate neighbours here are friendly and we often get together but other than that, the exchange of smiles and greetings is rare. I sometimes test the water and smile at people but I confess I do it less than I’d like. Your post has inspired me to be braver and be the one to initiate the greeting.

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  11. Hello Anna and others. My name is Lisa and I live in the East Bay of California, cross the water from San Francisco. I’m a blogger, grandmother, and a PSF group member, BSF (Bible study fellowship), is an international organization. Today I’m in my backyard and it’s 88° in the Fremont California area. We took our pool down thinking that the summer was over, however in the last week and a half we have weather between 80 and 95°. Generally in mid October we’re seeing the winter, cold weather-no snow, rolling in.

    We have had many, many forest fires in California this year. In fact in Northern California the forest fires were so pervasive that the smoke came all the way down to my area causing people to keep windows closed, and since we are in a Covid shelter in place, social distancing, and mask wearing, the masks came in handy if you had to go outdoors.

    It was nice reading all the comments today and seeing how many people responded from all around the world. I hope to read more of your blog and comments soon. I hope everybody reading these has a wonderful evening and morning depending upon when you may continue to read the comments. Take care everyone. Bye from the USA.

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  12. Good Morning! It’s the wee hours of the day here in southeast Texas. I live in a small town an hour and a smidge more from the island of Galveston and about an hour away from Houston. Sort of, smack dab between them.

    Today I’ll be taking Smudge Alpin MacRuff outside to do doggy business and hopefully it won’t be raining. We’ll play, I’ll edit a middle grade short story and some on my novella. After that, I’ll start back to doing my 20 minute Zumba workout.

    Great idea, Stephen! Hi y’all!

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    1. Hi ReginaMary,

      We live on a dead-end street so we don’t have lots of traffic either. Neighbours wave to each other and sometimes others do too. Maybe it’s because it’s a small town. I wave to people and strike up conversations at the store, although I am an introvert. Nice to meet you!

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      1. Nice to meet you, as well! As I left Mass yesterday, I saw a man walking his dog. I asked if I could meet her and through the encounter I met a very kind fella who is working toward his sacrament of Baptism. How cool is that?? He said I helped him feel very welcome.

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  13. Good morning (Monday, 19 October 2020) from Fresno, California, USA! We are beginning to enjoy cooler weather, and the horrendous smoke from the record-breaking wildfires has all but gone. Those smoky days (weeks!) were rough – watery eyes, congested sinuses, raspy throats. I usually take a long walk in the mornings, but I had to lay off while the smoke was so thick. Anyway, things are better now in that department.

    I have been working from home since March. It was a bit of an adjustment. It is only me and my wife in the house, our children are grown and living elsewhere (Nevada, Arizona, Florida), and our pets are gone, too. But wife was not so accustomed to having me around the house. Within a month she had gone out and bought me a small desk so I would get off the dining table!

    This is a great idea, Stephen. Wonderful!


  14. In keeping with my tendency to not follow direction, I posted without the introduction!
    Hello Regina from Rhinebeck, New York in the beautiful Hudson River Valley! This afternoon, I plan on putting the finishing touches on a sweater I just knit, then parading around the house in it until I have received a satisfactory amount of compliments.

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  15. Thank you for reminding me that we are all connected regardless of our physical distance. I am in Oviedo, Florida, USA. I have a published a book entitled Surviving Medical Mayhem – Laughing When It Hurts and it was a labor of love. Recently, I have wondered whether my journey into writing was misreading the signs I felt God was lading me to and its been compounded by my lack of sales whether from the Pandemic or my lack of sales ability. Nevertheless, I am making the best of it by reaching out through my blog. I love when I get feedback and engage people in conversation. This idea of connecting to one another is wonderful and, again, I thank you. Blessings for a great day.


  16. This is genuine kindness in action. I’m a bit late to the party but here goes.

    I live in the city of Wellington in New Zealand. Today I will play soccer, do some research into the Shinto religion and Japanese culture to sharpen up my fantasy book manuscript as I edit, practice the guitar to improve enough to record my written songs, write a bit of a short story for a competition, and read some of Matthew Reilly’s latest book ‘Three Sacred Cities’. A busy day!


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