Shut The F*** Up

I’m not one for swearing. Even if I whacked my thumb with a rather large hammer I’d probably grit my teeth and ‘flippity flip’ it rather than resort to a torrent of expletives. Turning the air blue isn’t my style and I struggle with people whose every other word is the ‘f bomb.’ But this graphic spoke to me so I’m sharing it on my social media sites. It kind of encapsulates the growing irritation I’ve felt as this pandemic has progressed.

In Northern Ireland, 26 people died within the last 24 hours from COVID. There are currently 840 COVID patients in our hospitals which are nearing capacity. 63 of those people are in intensive care. Official records show that over 1500 people, to date, have lost their lives to this horrible, relentless virus. Other figures put the real total as closer to the 2000 mark. Either way, sobering numbers for a population of 1.8 million.

Yet still every day I see people in our local shop not wearing a mask or washing their hands. Thankfully they are a minority as the large majority of the country buckle down and follow the rules to keep ourselves and others safe. The vaccine is being rolled out and, as of today, over 133,000 people have received their first jab. I was delighted today to see our village hall being used as a vaccination centre. It’s no longer just on the news, it’s real and it’s happening.

I’m enjoying lockdown no more than the most rabid anti-vaccing, COVID denying, conspiracy theorist. But I’m tired of your snide trolling and ridiculous arguments. I haven’t the energy to argue back, much preferring to block and mute en masse now. Life is too short to listen to your nonsense. So instead I leave you with one final, heartfelt message. Call it my default response whenever our paths cross in the future.

Just shut the f*** up.

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

113 thoughts on “Shut The F*** Up

  1. *applauds voraciously*

    I heartily wish the numpties here in the States would get this much of a clue and I wish the CDC and other official health orgs would slam out a statement like this. These people are ongoing proof that stupidity is deathly dangerous.

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  2. Absolutely!!! Now that I’m old and curmudgeonly I loudly and verbally chastise those in public not or improperly wearing masks – go ahead and smack an old lady in public LOL! As for the rest of the state of our nation, all those obscene words are frequently directed to the f*****g crackers (as the gent on Instagram so aptly called them) who are causing chaos and mayhem for a lost cause and sucking up taxpayers’ resources just to protect us from them. They look so stupid pimped up in their pseudo-riot gear. Aside from that it’s a sunny day in Louisville, KY, going for a walk in my beautiful neighborhood (well, the one next to mine).

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  3. Agree. As for using the word fuck and other expletives, I feel astericks are a useful point of reference. If you want to cover the word with astericks, then you probably should just use a different word.

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      1. Came here via susies reblog…I agree – I have 8 family members in various modes of healthcare and they’ve been at it 24/7. None of them are whiners. None of them considers themselves heroes…but all of them are bone weary, fighting the disease and the contingent of ‘unbelievers’

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  4. Thank you! I’m in America (with the main buffoon who didn’t take it seriously), and there are still these COVID deniers. Even if a family member gets it, they still don’t take it seriously. I wear a mask for teaching and whenever I leave the house. It’s just part of my routine. I hope you stay safe.

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  5. One of my favorite blogs, which is spiritual in nature, is spouting all kinds of COVID nonsense. One of which is that the vaccine isn’t a vaccine & that it’s really some kind of …. I can’t remember what silliness it was, something that will “track” all of us. Like our cell phones don’t do this already. & sometimes that’s a good thing, like my one friend who fell out of a tree stand when he was hunting & it was his cell phone that told the EMS people where to find him because he was unable to. But I digress.

    I get really tired of this nonsense. I also get tired of people insisting that they had COVID “twice” “three times” when all they had was the damn flu or maybe it was a bad cold. You know they never had COVID, they’ve never been tested. Two months ago, they were insisting it was a hoax. Now, they’ve had it & THEY’RE FINE so there’s “no need” for a vaccine, “herd immunity”, don’t you know. Of course they’re GOP & they voted for trump so you know they’re liars or at least wicked stupid. Sorry but it’s true.

    I’m also tired of people going here, there & everywhere. I guess if you don’t care if you get sick or if you’re one of the people spreading it cuz you don’t have symptoms & you don’t even know you have it but … this kind of selfishness is appalling. It’s a terrible time to be an American. Stupidity & selfishness & sickness is everywhere.

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  6. I’m right there with you. I’m from the U.S., and well, I’m sure you know how things are going over here. U.S. citizens are indoctrinated from a young age to embrace individualism and “freedom,” and that comes at a great cost. The truth is, we’re no more liberated than most others, but we sure are selfish.

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  7. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾My feelings exactly! Still boggles my mind that people still think this virus isn’t something to be taken seriously😐 What planet are you living in? Are people dying for fun?

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  8. I agree now although I religiously wore a mask except around where we were exposed. Lesson learned after my hubby was admitted to the intensive care unit.Im so terrified now especially in the stores when people not wearing masks stand 2 ft away from me in a line. Its so disrespectful. Luckily I now wear a mask and a shield for added protection. The other day in the store this woman comes up behind me in egg section and I literally jumped a few feet back whats wrong with people they dont get it

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  9. Too many of us Americans have been brainwashed into believing conspiracies. They believed it was a hoax and would end when the election did. Now that the election has moved on, they have moved on to new conspiracies.

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  10. Very clear and concise point! I really enjoy the way you structure your writing! I hope you are coping with lockdown as well as you can. I too am currently writing about covid, national lockdowns and the impacts that has had. Keep it up!

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  11. I just understand where you’re coming from. What makes me sooo tired is the media, celebrities and our people. There’s a lot of mistrust and unfortunately South Africa hasn’t even received any vaccine to date.

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  12. Absolutely this – you’d think the deaths and worldwide shutdown would deter people, but unfortunately common sense isn’t that common.


  13. Very well said. I struggle to understand people who don’t ‘believe ‘ in covid. As if the existence of this virus is a matter of faith. Its real, it kills people and wearing a mask isn’t that hard. Stay safe


  14. Brilliant! Unfortunately people like this invite contempt because of their stupidity – and we need to start talking straight to some of these people. Well said.


  15. Word! I don’t understand all these people who don’t wear masks, and are just absolute Karens.Like for what? You do this for what? Who’s going to get hurt? Everyone else, so just put the darn mask on for the love of all thats holy. Stay safe, I hope it all goes well for you 💙


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