When Time Doesn’t Fly

I’m not very good at waiting. But what’s the alternative, wishing your life away? We are taught these days to be mindful and live in the moment. We should focus on the here and now. The past leads to depression, the future to anxiety, states of mind that are negative and damaging. No, we should enjoy every moment as we enter and embrace it. Never worry about what is down the road, that will take care of itself when the time is right.

I tend not to dwell on the past too much, well not the bad stuff anyway. There are many happy memories of course but I’m careful to keep the not-so-happy ones at arm’s length. For there be dragons. My nature is melancholic at the best of times and there are many people and situations only too willing to drag me down if I pondered on them for any length of time. No, best to keep that Pandora’s box well and truly shut.

It’s what’s round the corner that bothers me. There is much to look to forward to, but that’s when the clock seems to be at its most lethargic. Book and short stories I have submitted, for example. I check my in-box and messages about three squillion times a day but it’s not going to garner a response any sooner. Time seems to stretch eternally when it comes to long-awaited dates and events. I will the days to pass quicker but there I go again, wishing my life.

I need to focus on now, today, here. Appreciate my family and all the good currently underpinning my current circumstances. While I may be able to influence what lies ahead I can’t wave a magic wand and make it happen in a puff of smoke. Patience doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. You can spend it surrounded by the people you love. Because when you concentrate on them, time tends to fly.

Are you good at waiting?

How do you deal with impatience?

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We are Stephen and Fionnuala and this is our story. We live in Northern Ireland, have been married for 17 years and have three kids - Adam, Hannah and Rebecca. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. We have walked a rocky road yet here we are today, together and stronger than ever. We are far from perfect and our faith has been battered and bruised. But an untested faith is a pointless faith. Just as a fractured faith is better than none at all. We hope you enjoy the blog.

25 thoughts on “When Time Doesn’t Fly

  1. I’m really inconsistent when it comes to waiting – probably depends what I’m waiting for. Sometimes I can be really chill about waiting for things but other times like you I’d be checking my emails constantly. In the position you’re in I’d definitely be checking constantly. As you say it doesn’t bring an answer any sooner but you just want to know yesterday don’t you?

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  2. I consider myself a very patient person. I like to plan ahead and consider all the ‘What ifs?’ I always have a plan B or even C. If what I planned doesn’t happen that’s okay too. I call it destiny. One thing you’re right about is to live your life today with the people you cherish and love because life is short. Stop saying, I’ll buy that next year, or I’ll wear that on another occasion. We’ll drink that expensive bottle of wine at Christmas. No! You want it, do it now.

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  3. I can wait for anything. Actually it’s what I’ve spent my life doing. Most everything I’ve waited for has never come to pass … but hey, that’s life. Meanwhile … I write my daily dairy & a couple of poems & do whatever needs to be done.

    Since I don’t drive, waiting is really my thing … there’s always a bus I’m waiting for. LOL

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  4. I wouldn’t say I’m “good” at waiting. It is what it is. When I get impatient or locked and loaded on the future (or the past sometimes) I remember what my wife always says, “Be where your feet are”. It helps me slow down and cherish the moments I have.

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  5. Ha! Your description of checking email three squillion times hit home. I check (too often) to see if more students registered for my class. Okay. Checking will not make more students come. Actually, I am grateful that it’s still running in spite of Covid and low numbers. I’ll trust God. Thanks for the reminder.

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  6. Patience is what most of us do not have in the required quantity. Yes the ability to wait for someone, for something is essential part of life but whether one should sit at a place and wait or keeping making efforts without creating too much fuss , to cut short the distance between us and the target is a matter of debate
    Stay blessed always

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  7. I’m not good at waiting, but I have learned some things in the past yr. That is sometimes waiting to have to pause whatever way you explain it. It can sometimes be a blessing keeping you from the path to have you choose another that is better for you.

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  8. Patience has never been my forte, however, after two years of just sitting here has been quite the endurance test for me. I know that eventually things will change for the better or is that just one of my dreams?


  9. I was wondering what happened since I hadn’t received an email from you. Yes, excitement rang To my see when I saw your post. Don’t fret. We all go through times when life gets down. A month ago, I started to blog once a week, and I’m determined to keep up with at least that one blog post. Mostly I have been spending more time with my hubby, Cliff, and my granddaughter, Rosalee. With all that’s going on right now, we are doing our best to prepare for what’s to come in the future, for it’s looking bleak. We try to make it as best as possible, for it doesn’t matter have much you have as for who you share it with because there is no guarantee for tomorrow, so enjoy each day as it comes.😏


  10. I am good at waiting, mostly. Sometimes so much so I don’t actually act when the moments come. I do also spend a lot of time wondering about the past, what I could have done differently, where I could have gone, where I might be instead. I think this is a reason for my so called “patience”, because I’m actually focussing away from the present backwards.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊


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