What Makes Someone Become A Troll?

I tweeted about trolls earlier today and received a great response so thought I’d expand the conversation to the blogging community. I’ve been very fortunate to have largely avoided them during my online career but they are a major topic in the U.K. at present due to a number of public figures receiving vile abuse,Continue reading “What Makes Someone Become A Troll?”

I Was But One Of Many

Nobody likes me and everyone is better than me. That’s been my default setting for most of my life. It’s a defence mechanism I’ve created to cut ‘them’ off at the pass and highlight my own inadequacies before ‘they’ can grab me by the hair and expose my frightened face to the reality of myselfContinue reading “I Was But One Of Many”


Words are something that we all use every day of our life Words that are spoken in many different languages and ways be it through speech, sign language, communication boards, text messaging and writing to name but a few Words that are loving, encouraging, beautiful, uplifting and words that are dangerous, nasty, hateful and uglyContinue reading “Words”