New Table

Today I went out shopping and got an amazing bargain. For a few weeks now I have been looking for a new coffee table but couldn’t see anything that I liked until today. You might be thinking why on earth is Fionnuala blogging about buying a new table but please bear with me I’m actually going somewhere with this.

On writing this Stephen has been home for just over an hour now and he has yet to notice the new shiny table right under his nose! You can see in the photo that it is less than two feet away from him but he is oblivious to it.

It gets better not only has he walked past it, and sat right next to it he lifted the huge box of it which I left sitting at the back door and moved it out to the bin. He also squeezed past the old table which was on its side under the stairs. Stephen is the butt of many jokes in our house but this one is one I don’t think the kids will let him live down.

This has also got me thinking how often do we just go about our day and are oblivious to things that are going on around us? On our streets there are so many people crying out for help that we don’t see because we are so wrapped up in our own little boxes. Sometimes we need to look outside the box and you know it is even safe to step outside of the box nothing bad will happen to you you never know you might even enjoy it and discover something new.

In our house it’s a running joke to see how long it takes Stephen to notice something. The kids are busting to tell him to look at the new table but also watching the clock to see just how long it is taking him to notice it. I personally don’t think he will notice it not until he sees this blog post.

Anyway here goes I’m going to post this it has now been an hour and 30 minutes since he has been home and he still hasn’t noticed it 😆 I could be in trouble here please pray for me. By the way I do love and respect my husband and we both like to have the odd prank on each other now again so please take this post in the humour it’s been written in 😊

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