Show A Little Respect

Yesterday a very old lady lost the man she had loved for over 80 years, her rock, the one who had stood by her side through unimaginable highs and lows. His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh, passed away at Windsor Castle. A nation went into mourning and accolades and tributes flooded in fromContinue reading “Show A Little Respect”

Death Of A Troll

Almost 32 million people have now received their first vaccination jab in the U.K. with over 5 million of our most vulnerable citizens having received both. The rollout has been an unprecedented success and the British government is on target to meet its pledge to have offered a vaccination to every adult by the endContinue reading “Death Of A Troll”

What Makes Someone Become A Troll?

I tweeted about trolls earlier today and received a great response so thought I’d expand the conversation to the blogging community. I’ve been very fortunate to have largely avoided them during my online career but they are a major topic in the U.K. at present due to a number of public figures receiving vile abuse,Continue reading “What Makes Someone Become A Troll?”

Shut The F*** Up

I’m not one for swearing. Even if I whacked my thumb with a rather large hammer I’d probably grit my teeth and ‘flippity flip’ it rather than resort to a torrent of expletives. Turning the air blue isn’t my style and I struggle with people whose every other word is the ‘f bomb.’ But thisContinue reading “Shut The F*** Up”