Are You Willing To Risk Your Life?

Northern Ireland reached a historic milestone this week when it was announced that a million people had now received their first COVID vaccination. Not bad for our wee country which has an adult population of approximately 1.5 million. Added to that, over 1/2 million have now received both doses, offering up to 95% protection againstContinue reading “Are You Willing To Risk Your Life?”

One Step At A Time

Normality inches ever closer in Northern Ireland with the continued easing of lockdown restrictions. The signs are positive. Infection rates remain low and, perhaps more importantly, hospitalisations and deaths are a fraction of what they were several months ago. It’s a well-worn cliche but there does appear to be light at the end of theContinue reading “One Step At A Time”

Second Vaccination Day

Fionnuala, Hannah and I got out long awaited second vaccinations yesterday at one of the regional hubs. They can administer 1500 vaccinations a day and, I have to say, it was a slick, well-organised operation. We were in and out in half an hour and the staff were fantastic. Efficient and friendly, they answered allContinue reading “Second Vaccination Day”

One Million Jabs

Northern Ireland passed a historic milestone yesterday when it was announced over 1 million coronavirus vaccinations have now been administered. That includes over 800,000 first jabs meaning over 50% of the adult population have now received protection. Not bad, considering the first vaccination was given only four months ago. The rollout has been an unprecedentedContinue reading “One Million Jabs”

Death Of A Troll

Almost 32 million people have now received their first vaccination jab in the U.K. with over 5 million of our most vulnerable citizens having received both. The rollout has been an unprecedented success and the British government is on target to meet its pledge to have offered a vaccination to every adult by the endContinue reading “Death Of A Troll”

I’ve Had My First Jab

All clinically vulnerable persons in the 16-64 age bracket are now eligible for COVID vaccinations so our Hannah attended for her appointment this morning at the local vaccination centre. She was slightly nervous but also very excited as she has been effectively shielding for the best part of a year and been barely out ofContinue reading “I’ve Had My First Jab”

I’m Taking The Jab

As I write, the United Kingdom has administered almost 4 million vaccinations in the battle against coronavirus. The current rate is 300,000 a day with the intention to ramp this up significantly in the days and weeks ahead as the government pledges to have delivered 15 million vaccinations of the elderly and clinically vulnerable membersContinue reading “I’m Taking The Jab”